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Check out my new blog post on hacking toys with +Spark IO, +IFTTT, and YoApp

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Robot vs. Robot: Can a computer forge a painting well enough that it fools the algorithms designed to detect fakes? "there’s no guarantee that the final robot-made product would look authentic to a human. Indeed, in one case, when researchers reverse-engineered images of bikinis and golden retrievers from an algorithm designed to detect the items, it spewed back an unrecognizable mess of static hues. Just because a computer can recognize something doesn't mean it can reproduce that thing. (Humans, for the record, have similar artistic limitations.)"

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New Arduino IDE brings board detection and lots of other nice improvements.
Arduino IDE 1.6 Released, bringing board detection, autosave, and more!

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The book I helped co-author on JavaScript Robotics is available in Early Release!
Early Release! 'Make: JavaScript Robotics' is now available in ebook form. Buy it now, while it's still being written, and get the completed book upon publication.

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CodeMash NodeBots #javascript   #robotics   #nodebots   #johnnyfive  

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Building data visualizations on dynamic vector maps with jQuery

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I love my Pebble more every day!

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Diversity in Tech
Diversity in Tech
+Information is Beautiful has produced this graph documenting the gender and racial distribution of 18 of the biggest and most profitable technology companies. This visualisation is a powerful reminder that many of these companies are sorely lacking in diversity.

Women in Tech
Women make up 51% of the American population and 53% to 72% of social media users in most of the biggest sites including Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. (Conversely women are under-represented in sites such as Google+, where men make up 64% of users). Unfortunately, tech companies have yet to reflect the gender balance of consumers.

Women make up less than one third of workers in most social media companies, while other tech companies are not much better. Only 16% to 30% of employees are women in companies like Microsoft (16%), Intel (25%), Google, Apple and Dell (30% each). The "leaders" are Amazon and Yahoo (37% each) and Ebay (42%). Only Pandora approximates balance with 49% women.

Not shown on this graph is the fact that most women are employed in non-technical roles and very few women are in leadership and Executive positions.

Racial diversity is even more discouraging amongst social media and technology companies, with most having between 60% to 72% White employees, and the balance of staff are largely Asian.

Google for example only employs around 33% of Asian people (includes around 3% women), 3% Latinos and 2% Black people. Women of colour make up an even tinier minority amongst these sub-groups.

Not shown is the fact that most tech companies tend to overwhelmingly employ ethnic minorities in low-level or non-specialised roles (such as admin). 

Researcher Miriam Quick notes:
"The most graphic un-equaliser of all, though, is gender. Considering that 'chicks rule' on social media, it’s strange that at employee level, social networks can look more like old boys’ networks."

Most tech companies do not release data on age. For example Google only breaks down gender, race and type of job role (by leadership). One exception ready at hand is Microsoft. Almost half of employees are aged over 40 years (45%); followed by 30-39 years (37%) and 18% of employees are under 29 ( There are likely to be national differences, though these are not uniformly reported. For example, in Russia, the average age of Microsoft employees is 32 years ( Microsoft does not publicly report cross-tabulations on age, gender and race, which is a further gap in diversity.

* Information is Beautiful graph:
* Data behind the graph:
* Data on women users on social media:
* Google's diversity data: (interactive) and (PDF)
* The New Republic reported on ageism within Silicon Valley. One source states that most tech investors won't put money behind a start up company headed by someone over 32 years - but this is not a scientific study. Still an interesting article.

#stemwomen   #womenintech   #technology   #socialmedia  

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Attention all Agents and #IngressRecruits : we have collected some of our favorite #Ingress  tips, guides, and resources created by other Agents and added them to our Help Center. Visit our page to see what we've found:

More is out there, so let us know in the comments of other great resources you've created!
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