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Breaking News: Indiana Tech Law School "Fails in First Bid for Accreditation."
Could the ABA finally be getting things right?   According to the News-Sentinel , the ABA has recommended against accreditation for ITLS.  Wonderful and sane news for a change.  While, with its first graduating class of 28 students and a total enrollment of...

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Newsflash - Indiana Tech appoints new dean
Just a quick update: Many might shake their heads in utter amazement at the news that Indiana Tech Law School has appointed Charles P. Cercone as its new dean .  Charles was at the helm of none other than Cooley Law during its most shameful exploitation of ...

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Worst Advice Ever
Browsing through some recent law school news articles, I came across this unusual item: an advice column in the Times Union (Albany). Have a read and see what you think. DEAR JEANNE & LEONARD : A good friend's daughter is applying to law school. I've known ...

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Indiana Tech Law School - Doing the Math
To highlight the colossal and destructive waste of money Indiana Tech Law School is, let’s run a few quick calculations. I’d appreciate any input into whether my assumptions and calculations are reasonable or hopelessly inaccurate. Indiana Tech Law School:...

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Patient Zero - Indiana Tech Law School
I've long held the belief that it'll take the failure of just one law school for applicants to finally get the message that attending a low-ranked law school is one of the worst decisions they will make in their entire lives, right up there with marrying a ...

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Given the overwhelming list of reasons not to go to law school (including, but in no way limited to: few jobs, high unemployment, outrageous cost, lost time, incompetent and unqualified faculty, irrelevant teaching, low career satisfaction, zero “prestige” ...

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Indiana Tech Law School , my favorite moribund – no, dead on arrival – law school, recently announced a $25,000 gift from a local law firm to endow a scholarship for the student who finishes the 2L year ranked first in the class.  I’ll put aside for now the...

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Listening to Pandora in the car during my commute, I couldn't help but notice the recent promos for the new season of Suits , possibly second only to Legally Blonde in terms of making law seem like an awesome, prestigious, fast-paced PowerProfession. Suits ...
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