A word about PayPal:

It's been a long time (about eight years) since I mentioned how much I detest PayPal, and how they do not support their clients...

First, they are not a lender - or they weren't. I guess they are now, with "Bill Me Later." My advice - stay away from that.

Second, they are not a bank, and they are not insured.

So... eight years ago, when I sold a laptop, using PayPal as the broker or esgrow service (not a bank or creditor), I expected to ship it and get my money from PayPal... which I did. Everything was fine until the dishonest buyer performed a chargeback on the transaction. His bank gave him his money back, PayPal didn't fight it, and they didn't ask him to return the laptop. He got a laptop for free! Luckily I withdrew the money first! :P

And PayPal wants me, their client, to pay them back! LOL! I received a call from their attorney (one of them, I'm sure) eight years ago and I explained the situation, and told him it wasn't my problem, it's PayPal's problem for allowing that kind of scam to happen. I hadn't heard anything else... until now!

Eight. Years. Later. -.- A collection agency is trying to collect on it? LOL! Um... good luck. Not only is it a time barred debt that isn't mine (it's PayPal's), but the argument hasn't changed. It's still PayPal's problem. They still let their customers get scammed, and they don't fight for them. They don't ask questions. They don't care. For me, it was a successful transaction. Has I not withdrawn my money it would have been me that was scammed, not PayPal.

Just wanted those who use PayPal / Bill Me Later / Ebay to know what you're dealing with, from my experience. PayPal sucks if you get scammed.
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