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Refreshingly Free & Serious Fun!
Refreshingly Free & Serious Fun!

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Hi Everybody!
Just thought you’d like to see a short YouTube video I shot after laying out about 1/2 of the tickets we’ve purchased since our launch.  Now aren’t you glad they’re FREE!
Here’s the vid:
Captn Dano

Hey Everybody!
Now you can bet Lucky Reward Points that your predictions will come closer to the Official Drawing Results than Captain Dano’s predictions.
It’s easy!
After you are logged in and enter a pool, simply select how many Lucky Reward Points you would like to wager against Captain Dano.
You may wager some or all of our your Lucky Rewards
(This is totally optional and you do not have to bet any points if you do not wish to)
Then, once the Official Drawing Results have been posted, come back to the site to see who won.
If your prediction was closer to the Official Drawing Results than Captain Dano’s prediction, you win!  If Captain Dano’s picks are closer, you lose.  In the event of a tie, it’s a draw and neither of us wins
We will be using the My Picks Prize Table to determine the winner.
Good Luck Everybody!
Captn Dano!

Hey Everybody! We've got a HUGE $183,000,000 FREE Powerball Pool open!  So, jump on in and think Win! WIn! WIN!  Captn Dano!
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