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Author, speaker, human being
Author, speaker, human being

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The Sad Day I Became a Senior Citizen Twenty Five Years Too Early (Give Or Take A Decade Or Two)
here I am, the youngest looking 60 year old in the history of the world
who jogs with morning squirrels until they drop; who is as healthy as a yogi in the Himalayas; who goes to Beach House concerts without his clothes on. So
I get on the local...

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So What's Up With All This Dying? (Angels of Art, 2016)
So what's up with all this dying? It's cruel when icons turn into angels leaving the rest of us behind while they hide in celestial pockets reincarnating into clouds. The world becomes soulless when you leave without permission breathing into space instead ...

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The Nostradamus Predictions About Donald Trump Rightly Understood
Memo to all fear mongers who love to quote Nostradamus: The world will  not end with Donald Trump. There won't be any apocalypse in the near future. This is the correct verse from the 16th century seer that some people think refer to the new President-elect...

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Two Chapters in English From My Latest Danish Novel Det Egyptiske Hjerte (The Egyptian Heart)
Det Egyptiske Hjerte (The Egyptian Heart) is a sweeping, often humorous and ultimately
life-affirming novel about reincarnation, eternal love and the
stories we tell about the past to make sense of our existence. It’s an
accessible, witty, and lively novel ...

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Jeg er begyndt at blogge på dansk igen efter flere års pause. Her er lidt om min seneste roman, Det egyptiske hjerte:

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Beautiful Memories of Aleppo, Syria Before the Insanity
I was in Aleppo, Syria twelve years ago. I was there when the view from the
impressive citadel wasn't one of devastation but of gorgeous kids playing football
in the streets; of two million people living peacefully in the ancient
city with the white roof...

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'Faster', 'Quicker', and 'More' Are Assasins of the Soul (Thoughts After a Teen's Tragic Death in Portland)
A 15-year-old girl was killed outside one of my favorite cafes in Portland a few weeks back. She crossed Hawthorne Boulevard in the cross walk and was hit by a
reckless driver who drove off while she was bleeding to death in the
street. The following day ...

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God, It's So Hard Being Spiritual
So many people laugh at mystics like me, but it's not easy being spiritual. It's probably harder than laying bricks or climbing Matterhorn. It will even affect your wardrobe. When you're spiritual you have to be mindful, compassionate, clairvoyant, clairaud...

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Did You Know That Mount Hood in Oregon Is the Only Transgender Volcano in the World?
Mount Hood is our local volcano in Portland, Oregon. It's less than two hours away and when it isn't cloudy or smoggy we can see it from downtown. We just talked recently, Mount Hood and I, and Mount Hood has promised me it
won't erupt until May 2108. At t...
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