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If you had to sign back into your Google account tonight you weren't getting hacked.

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Real-time ASP.NET Core
"Basically, this offers a way to provide real-time functionality to your application right now if you don’t want to wait until mid-2017 for a SignalR preview."

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+Michael Crump's walk through VSCode
"In this mini-series, I plan to walk you through .NET Core as I learn it"

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Realm DB and Mobile Platform
"We’ve worked with Microsoft’s Xamarin team to build a sample app and tutorial using Xamarin and Azure that will show you just how powerful all these new tools are."
Podcast episode about RealmDB: 

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" In a reply to a user question about the app on its Google Play Store listing, a Samsung customer service representative has confirmed that an upcoming update for Samsung Flow is in the works. It is supposed to add support to unlock all Windows 10 PCs."

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"Remix Singularity will work like a stock version of Android when used on a smartphone, but if you connect it to a PC monitor or big-screen TV, it will turn into a version of the PC-based Remix OS."

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Best Microsoft apps for Android

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Kubernetes now Generally Available on Azure Container Service

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Indium Selenide Takes on the Mantle of the New Wonder Material
"The semiconductor bit has always been the showstopper for graphene. Because it lacks a natural band gap, that property has to be engineered; but that takes away some of its attractive properties in terms of electron mobility. The form of indium selenide the Manchester researchers have developed has an inherent band gap, and thus requires no gerrymandering that might compromise its high electron mobility."

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