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Maurice Maltbia

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"In the new Global Freshman Academy, each credit will cost $200, but students will not have to pay until they pass the courses, "
Arizona State University, one of the nation's largest universities, is joining with edX, a nonprofit online venture founded by M.I.T. and Harvard, to offer an online freshman year that will be available worldwide with no admissions process and full university credit.
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Maurice Maltbia

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"I drove the i3 like I'd stolen it, but I couldn't get it to hit anything no matter how hard I tried."
High above the Las Vegas Strip, BMW's CES setup looks innocent enough: a pair of small i3s and a smattering of various other BMW models parked off in the distance of a parking garage rooftop....
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Maurice Maltbia

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I'm most productive after most people (especially those that like to chat) have left the office.
How about you?
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Maurice Maltbia

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Reports have been pretty consistent that HBO will offer a direct-to-consumer streaming option sometime next year. When that might land and what that migh
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Maurice Maltbia

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What if teachers were paid salaries more on par with doctors and lawyers? Lo and behold, the teachers perform better and students learn more.
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Maurice Maltbia

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Google is receiving invitations requests for its mobile phone service
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Maurice Maltbia

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Stanford University may be close to finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease
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Maurice Maltbia

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Tesla Announces The Roadster 3.0 With A 400 Mile Range
"The range increase is thanks to a new cell technology that resulted in a battery that provides 70kWh in the same package as the original Roadster’s 53kWh pack."

The range increase puts this electric car on par with gas vehicles. Another hurdle that Tesla faces is refueling time. Typically it will take a few minutes to fill your gas tank. Tesla superchargers can charge Tesla vehicles in 20 minutes, but Tesla's automated battery swapping technology could bring the recharge time to 3 minutes. Although, technically, a battery swap is not the same as recharging, drivers will be ready to resume driving on a full charge.
Tesla isn't done with its iconic Roadster. The company just took the wraps off the next generation of the sport car. Chief among the updates is a new 400 mile..
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Maurice Maltbia

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Blue light in the evening affects your ability to sleep
"People also took longer to fall asleep, had less deep sleep and were more tired the next morning."
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Maurice Maltbia

Charlie Rose sits down with the parents of Michael Brown, Jr., and their attorney.
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I totally like  your  words and wisdom my girls are  in there mid twenties  ...  All single  My farther  taught me  listen and learn from folk judge each on his merit or her merit ... Then when you got reason  cop attitude then do it . But  do it correct do it calm but  with a voice  that shows you mean what your saying
 I have seen  Police treat folk like dogs it not matter the  officer color at work watching them daily 9 hours a day...  I been  treated like a dog myself by my own   cause transfer into there  domain it cost 5 of them demotions and 4 there jobs I be bet one more  lucky thou ...they learned  couple years back I had enough junk me and my  partner assert our selves ..  That what need done here assert our selves but as we  did it correct made it known we  mean business. I got get off here get in bed   I pray for both of  us and my  co worker and the world ..Our problem  was sexual physical harassment was not skin color but we could pulled that but the  nails in our tires folk muddy up our work make it look like we never did it . Create extra work to punish us that short story we were 2 people that had to bond against 22 now folk in our  little department  sing  different beat at work at least to our faces ..  We over came in our little block My Prayer is  we can expand that  for not just me but everyone ...
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Maurice Maltbia

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"Meet the new face of 'Halo'"
Mike Colter, who plays Agent Locke in Halo: Nightfall, says he's ready to take on Master Chief if he has to.
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