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Maurice Maltbia

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Accenture is joining a small but prominent list of major corporations that have had enough with the forced rankings
" It will implement a more fluid system, in which employees receive timely feedback from their managers on an ongoing basis following assignments.

Accenture is joining a small but prominent list of major corporations that have had enough with the forced rankings, the time-consuming paperwork and the frustration engendered among managers and employees alike. "
The firm tells The Washington Post that it will abandon its old system for all 330,000 employees, starting in September.
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Maurice Maltbia

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Maurice Maltbia

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Today Tesla announced a new "Ludicrous Mode" for its top-of-the-line Model S P85. The new mode reduces the 0-60 MPH time to 2.8 seconds with a quarter mile time...
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Awesome, faster than the Porsche I want 😉
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Maurice Maltbia

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iOS 9 takes a lot from its biggest competitor—and something from Windows 8, too.
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Maurice Maltbia

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Hackers Have the Power to Remotely Hijack Half a Million Chrysler Cars
An ongoing investigation into the security of Chrysler vehicles bears some pretty startling conclusions. In a couple of weeks, security researchers will reveal the details of a zero-day exploit that affects some 471,000 cars. Put bluntly: Hackers can take complete control of the cars from thousands of miles away.
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Good thing my Jeep is an oldie!
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Maurice Maltbia

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Americans waste about $640 each year in tossing out foods they buy because they buy too much.
Americans overestimate how much they can eat and it's costing them a lot of money in wasted food: roughly $640 a year for each household, according to the American Chemistry Council.
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Maurice Maltbia

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"Managers and employees dread the discussions, and plenty of evidence shows they don’t produce anything but a pile of extra paperwork."
"Morris says that transparency has paid unexpected dividends. For one thing, fewer valued staffers are leaving, despite the ferociously competitive Silicon Valley market for tech talent."
"more frequent talks between managers and underperforming staffers have led to a marked increase in what Morris calls “involuntary, non-regrettable attrition, because team leaders are no longer putting off having tough conversations with people who aren’t cutting it,”"
Ditching annual performance reviews has paid unexpected dividends.
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Maurice Maltbia

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The Ducati Multistrada just refuses to crash
"The Multistrada just refuses to crash, instead smoothly translating the choppy brake and throttle inputs into seamless, safe deceleration or acceleration."
"So Bosch’s system uses sensors to monitor differences in speed between the front and rear wheels, noticing if one loses traction. A five-axis accelerometer monitors lean angles and attitude. Data on acceleration, deceleration, yaw, roll, pitch, lift, and relative wheel speeds is collated and processed hundreds of times a second."
A new stability control system from Bosch takes anti-lock brake and traction control systems to a whole new level.
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