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Preferred Residential of Bend, Oregon
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Real Estate Sales * Acquisitions * Property Management

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Some solid remodeling advice for real estate investors from and +Matthew Whitaker.

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The least expensive paradise on the list!  Bend, Oregon


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If you are going to hold an open house to try to sell your home +Bill Gassett offers a list of important mistakes to avoid.
Ten Real Estate Open House Mistakes to Avoid
I will come right out and say I have never been a fan of a real estate open house. There are far more productive things to do with ones time as a real estate agent than sitting in someones home waiting for a buyer to arrive on the scene!

A serious buyer will almost always call to schedule an appointment to see a property they are truly interested in viewing. Seems pretty logical doesn't it?

There are however some real estate agents that make open houses a regular part of their marketing plan.

The benefit comes in the form of additional prospects for the Realtor. Who knows if a neighbor considering selling their home won't stop by to scope out the competition.

There are also buyers who will attend that may not be qualified financially to purchase the home but are real buyers none the less. A good Realtor can take these prospects and turn them into sales somewhere done the line.

From a sellers perspective having an open house is another means of driving traffic through a home. So if you are going to have an open house it only makes sense to make sure that your home is set up perfectly to have one.

This means avoiding real estate open house mistakes! In the article I take you through ten example of mistakes you never want to make when you are holding an open house. By avoiding these mistakes you will at least give yourself a fighting chance of having some semblance of success.

Like any other showing there are certain conditions you want to maintain for your open house!

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The rental market really can't get much tighter in Bend, Oregon.  I would wager that most of the 2% vacancy rate is from owners asking too much for their rentals.

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Woohoo!  Our own +Dan Seim was quoted in the local paper this weekend for a story about how tight the local rental market is.  Maybe some day he'll be as famous as +Ryan Lundquist and +Brad Yzermans. ;-)

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Parents of college age students, this is a great read about a loan program that can help you buy a home for your student instead of paying rent while they are in college. +Inlanta Mortgage does a great job of explaining this mortgage and what it takes to qualify.
The Family Opportunity Mortgage: What College Students and Elderly Citizens Have in Common

Many people have longed for the opportunity to buy a home for their college aged children or even their elderly parents instead of wasting money on rent. The Freddie Mac Family Opportunity loan gives those folks a very viable option.

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Yes, it's true, what your lender doesn't know will hurt you.  Here is a great post for home buyers looking for a lender.
h/t to +Brad Yzermans for sharing.
What Your Lender Doesn't Know Will Hurt You 
I've been wanting to write about loan officers intentionally (lying) & unintentionally misleading borrowers regarding rates, ability to qualify, turn times and the actual process of getting a home loan for a long time. 

Please share and +1 this post around....borrowers and agents will benefit from it ==>

Shout out to my loan officer friend +Scott Schang who I look up to and appreciate his commitment to home buyer education, advocacy, and honesty in mortgage lending. 

Scott explains very well what many borrowers experience as they begin their search for home financing.  I'm guessing he, like me, receives multiple calls a week from borrowers who are told they actually don't qualify after their lender already pre-approving them.....then get the big DENIED. 

I probably have 4-5 blog posts in draft mode that I haven't competed that are similar to his blog I have to find a way to write on the same topic but in a different way....thanks Scott:-)

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Some great advice from +Justin Williams for real estate investors to streamline their flips.

Hey Guys, We just posted a new blog and its all about how to rehab with 5 easy steps. check it out! #houseflipping #realestate

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For those thinking about buying a home but wondering if you should wait, here is a short read with some good information that may help clarify the situation for you.  The bottom line is that mortgage interest rates are predicted to rise almost a full percentage point over the next year and home prices are rising too.  Waiting to buy a home could prove to be quite costly.
+Money Magazine, in its latest issue, agreed with our analysis as they also warned their readership of the same ramification if they waited to buy a home. #KCM #BuyNow  

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Here is a great post about preparing to sell your home.  Thanks to +Justin Thayer for the original share.
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