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A new dawn for the Catholic Church. Spreading God's love all the way from St. Michael's Chaplaincy - Moi University to each individual out there.
A new dawn for the Catholic Church. Spreading God's love all the way from St. Michael's Chaplaincy - Moi University to each individual out there.

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The MUCSA family having some fun during the Affiliates Groups Day, sharing more about what is it to CSA.

by John Bosco

Since 2011 Kenya has experienced an upsurge in violent terrorist attacks, especially to the northern region of Kenya; Garissa and its environs. A region that has been marginalized ever since by the successive presidents, that employees in most cases refuse to go work there. There is limited access to basic social services such as health care, education and transport. The current insecurity situation has now worsened the state of northern Kenya.
Reliable sources have it that the recent attacks in Garissa were known beforehand. One of the students who survived the ordeal said that on Wednesday morning there was a notice that the school would be attacked by terrorist any day from then. Being 1st April students and staff took it as just a mere dark fool’s day writing. The us and Britain had few weeks earlier warned its citizen from visiting Garissa and its environs.
The bitter part of it is a police source had it that the Kenya authorities had beforehand intelligence that a university in Garissa could be attacked, yet the country’s response team was stuck in Nairobi hours even after the massacre awaiting transport. They arrived in the university almost 7 hours late thus giving more time for the scores of people dead to rise. Some Kenyans politicians and journalist based in Nairobi arrived before the response team did yet they had the information beforehand. Many of us are left questioning the competent of our intelligent service response unit.
The terrorist attacks have become norms in the region and that should have prompt the government to stay vigilant and provide adequate security to its residence, but our government has proved itself to act after and not beforehand. The measures put after have borne little fruits but in most cases destruction and disturbance to society tranquility. On 20th November 2012 when 3 people were killed and 1 wounded in Kenyatta Street in Garissa, KDF were deployed to the venue. They burned down a local market and left one woman dead and other 45 people wounded. The rampage cost entrepreneurs 1.5 billion by estimate.
Our government has got to pull up its socks on security matters. Operation Linda nchi should go on both internally and externally. Our security authorities should now hunt down and plan more search on places suspected to be habitat to terrorists. Fight against terrorist is an everyday affair ant our government should now concentrate more on security of its citizens.
May the souls of the departed rest in eternal peace. AMEN.

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Happy moments #throwback MUCSA sports day.

by Zack Omondi
It takes strong love to heal and rejuvenate back a heart broken so many times back and bring it back whole again. It’s true beyond doubts that a broken heart is like a broken rib; no one knows about it but the pain when the victim breathes is so much unbearable – confined only to the person. Not to forget this piece of advice from a close friend of mine that we can still bend and love again.
This is campus and chances have it that relationships – two thirds – usually characterize a tragic ending that one react to that point of rendering his/her life useless, and the only way to address to such is making the best turning point. Answer a negative with a positive therefore hit back to hatred with a love. The worst solitude is being in a destitute of sincere relationship but maybe life itself isn’t about trying to fix something broken, maybe it is about starting over then creating something better. And that’s the art of a colorful living.
Forgiving is magical; and this serves as the best start. If you still hold on to the mistake committed by the partner, then it may cause another breakup in the future. Get to know the reason as to why the partner committed such a mistake and forgive him/her forever if you wish to take the relationship a long way further. Anger inside ones heart is like an acid, it effects negatively to the vessel holding it more that what it will be poured onto.
The best experience is earned by learning from mistakes. Get to discover the flaws in the previous relationships and renew your commitments. Let the rains come down and wash away those tears, let it fill your soul and drown your fears. This is founding another basis to sustain yet another fruitful relationship – but more mature.
A healthy relationship always involves communication. But when hurt feelings are involved it is often difficult to communicate in a clear and rational way, and discussions often devolve into arguments which solve nothing. Become meticulous at times and never ignore those slight misunderstandings because they converge to a break up later. Communication is the keystone to every successful love-partnership; and a humble response is much more than a golden mansion.
Change from within to without – because you might not change him/her literary, yet your behavior will do. Let your resolutions to a new being change your partner which doesn’t necessarily mean being submissive to the partner, but following a better way to be in a more satisfying relationship.
If it broke, don’t throw it away just for the sake, but fix it by starting all over again. When a mirror falls, it is wasting time trying to recollect and putting the pieces together, but trust me you will love that new one the stalls has preserved for you.

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Do American women still need feminism? A controversial social media movement called Women Against Feminism features women explaining — mostly in “selfies” with handwritten signs — why they do not. Feminist responses have ranged from bafflement to vitriol or mockery to arguments that these women don’t know what feminism is. But while this new movement has its silly aspects, it raises some much-needed questions about feminism’s present and future state — and, in the weeks since it first attracted notice, many prominent feminists have helped validate some of the criticisms.
One might assume that Women Against Feminism is a traditionalist backlash against gender equality. Yet many of the women say they reject feminism precisely because they are pro-equality. A blogger who goes by AstrokidNJ has analyzed a week’s worth of posts on Women Against Feminism and found that 46 percent were egalitarian, 19 percent endorsed men’s issues, and 12 percent criticized feminist intolerance toward dissent. Only 23 percent reflected traditionalist views such as support for distinct sex roles, chivalry, or full-time motherhood.

by Mark Nduati
The opening chapter of Baruch tells us how on one occasion the Jewish exiles in Babylon “wept and fasted before the Lord, and collected such funds as each could furnish (1:5-6). That one sentence summarises the common penitential disciplines of God’s people since ancient times. During the season of Lent especially, Catholics continue to express sorrow for their sins, and a desire to draw closer to God, through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.
Why should we set aside special days and seasons for these activities? Shouldn’t we be doing such things as a way of life? Of course. But with our human nature being weak as it is, the Church recognizes that if we have no time set aside especially for this disciplines, many of us will be tempted to neglect them altogether.
In the life of ancient Israel, God himself set the precedent for designating special days for penance. Through Moses he commanded the people to observe an annual day of atonement (yom kippur) “on the tenth day of the seventh month”, (Lv 16:29). On this day, the people were to “mortify” themselves, that is, to eat no food and do no work, so they could devote the day to repentance and prayer, asking God to cleanse them of their sins (Lv 16:29-34). In later times, the Jewish people set aside additional days and seasons for penitential fasting, (Zec 8:19)
The practice of penitential days and seasons was continued by the early Christians, (Acts 13:2-3) and became an established tradition in the church. Lent observed in the forty days before Easter, developed as a way of recalling our Lord’s forty days and nights in the wilderness while he prayed and battled the devil (Luke 4:1-13)
The value of prayer is immediately obvious. But why, we might ask, are fasting and almsgiving ways to holiness? When we make small sacrifices such as giving up food and giving away alms, we detach ourselves from the things that we tend to love much (Ez 16:49) thus making more room in or lives for God.

by Bedah Ouma
“I read The Secret book two months ago, from that day I started to practice it from tiny things and now moving to bigger thing in life. Before this, I used to be someone who complaints about everything in my life and put the blame of my life's imperfection on others.
I blamed by parents for not being rich and provide me with luxury life. I broke up with my partner by telling her (I am a lesbian) that she is not good enough to make my life happy. I blamed her for all the unhappy moment I had faced. Basically I was a person who never took responsibility for my own life and expected others to make my life beautiful.
All that changed after one of my sister's introduced me The Secret. I am 25 now, the book made me realize how many days of my life I have wasted by putting blame on my family, community, environment, fate and etc. What I realized from the book was ONLY I CAN MAKE MY LIFE TO BE WHAT I WANT. That means, I set my dreams, I ask, I receive what I want, and finally thanking God for making it happen.
It is so simple even though I needed a lot of mental exercise it was worth the time spent to change all the negativity of my life to positive.
Now I am back with my girlfriend and now I don’t call her my girlfriend, I call her my soul mate. This time I’m not asking her to make my life happy. I do my part by think great thing about my relationship. Every day I visualize how my life should be, how my relationship should be and how I should be, all in the positive way. Day by day everything is materializing and after two months of effort my mind now could automatically change a negative thought that crosses my mind with a positive one. And I find it easier to think positively than negatively.
I told my soul mate about The Secret book, she read and her attitude also has changed. Previously we only talked about how terrible our life was, always feared that our families wouldn’t accept our relationship, how little money we have to run our life, etc. But now, we only talk about good things, happy moments, luxurious life, perfect career, family and community's acceptance of our relationship.
My life is so wonderful now. I don’t fight with anyone and I try to give out love to as many people as possible. I believe that we receive whatever you think, so, I always try to think all good things. I started small and I have the confidence that I will achieve big. My favorite quote is "THOUGHT BECOMES THING" and my soul mate has picked up on this quote as well.
I’m looking forward to all of good things happening in my life. I am so grateful to GOD for creating the moment for me to know the existence of this book, The Secret, to Rhonda Byrne for letting the world know about the Law of Attraction, and to all the people around me who had made me realize the beauty of the life.
With Love experienced story, Lotus a Malaysian”

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Getting ready for tomorrow as we crack on the topic, 'Should the Society embrace #MyDressMyChoice?

A leader is he who transforms a vision into reality. He/she lives by what people see and can say something about it. Results is the core reason what life is worth.
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