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Even its been years already, my videos still doesn't reach a million, heck! Not even a thousand lol
Here is a 30 second video, the first "Internet Marketing" video I uploaded to youtube in 2007 - It was sort of meant to be a joke but who would have realised it would go on to have close to a quarter of a million views! Apologies in advance for the low quality video - this was back in the day before HD! (Well before I had it anyway)...

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This makes me wish that the sequel would come out soon. >.<
Thank you for helping us achieve a rare trifecta: The Hunger Games is the #1 Film, Book, and Album in the country!

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Words couldn't describe how much I am amazed with this photo!
Let there be Light (HDR Vertorama) - ( more details at )

Do you want to learn how to create such images too?
Check out the tutorials listed in the Resources section below!

When you are taking photos outdoors, the rule says that you should not do so in the middle of the day. The light is harsh and not very flattering for your subjects. This 12-shot HDR Vertorama image taken in the Basilica St. Lorenz in Kempten, Germany is a good example where photographing around noon is actually a good thing. In this case, the sun was shining through the window and on the floor. It was reflected on the pillars and the other objects in the church. This created a special lighting from below that you don't get when you go there late in the afternoon or early in the morning.

Note however, that I had to cheat a bit more than usual to compensate the very bright exterior on the right side. In the original exposures, the right window was blown out, and there was nothing I could do to get back those details. This created an asymmetry in the image that was kind of distracting: The left window had the nice blue colors you see in the image while the right window was white. To cure this, I took the freedom to duplicate the left window and copy it over the right side. But pssst - don't tell anybody! ;-)

This is the kind of processing where opinions are divided. What's your take on this? Do you think that this type of 'manipulation' is Ok?

1. The original photo page: [ ] (with all the information about the image and the processing)
2. HDR Cookbook - Taking Interior HDR Vertorama Shots: [ ]
3. HDR Cookbook - Taking HDR Vertorama Shots with a Tripod: [ ]
4. HDR Cookbook – Creating HDR Panoramas and Vertoramas: [ ]

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What a beautiful shot from a perfect perspective. This makes me feel excited this coming summer!
People love sunsets, but I think there's also something about palm trees people love as well. Is it just the way they look, or are they a symbol of easy, carefree days? This shot is from Oahu, Hawaii Kai in particular. :-) 
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