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Cyathium, the astounding performer
  “ What is the cyathium, this astounding performer? ” wondered
León Croizat in his “On the classification of Euphorbia ” (1937). The (literally) most beautiful Euphorbia , E. pulcherrima (from the latin pulcher / pulcherra = beautiful; pulcherrimum / pulch...

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Putting all eggs in one basket
When competition
is high, plants have to be creative to explore the diversity of the available potential
pollinators. Not all pollinators are attracted to fruity, sweet scents and
flavours; some flies, for example, feed and lay their eggs on flesh of rottin...

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New post on pomegranate carpels

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Feminine sophistication
Gynoecium is without a doubt the most complex organ in a
flower. It is here where all the magic of fertilization happens, where pollen
meets the ovule and embryos are formed. It has the responsibility of
protecting, nurturing and, ultimately, spreading the ...

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Incredible pollination of the North-american Saguaru cactus! Read and share!

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New post on Flower Tales! :)

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Eucalypt flowers and the land of wildfires
One of the best things about my job is going to the field
and last week this was made possible, my mission was to visit a eucalypt
orchard and collect capsules of Eucalyptus
globulus . Perfect! Since I had to collect capsules from the canopy, and eucalypt
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