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March Madness- Stay Warm
winter of 2016 was much calmer than I ever thought. It was smooth and
wonderfully mild. The long anticipated wait for the winter snow never came and
by then winter came to an end.  Just as
we thought the spring was approaching, March blew in like a lion...

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Maize Technology Diffusion; Story of two different farmers
“ A thought of
giving up growing maize scares me… maize has become an important part of my
family. What I am today and what I have today is solely because of the two
maize varieties that happened to me six years ago ...” says Sangay Tshewang,
34 of Tsalung ...

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Climate Change: A Risky Business
(My Essay From 2015... Academic Skill ) The
world today has encountered one of the most complex issue it has ever had to
deal with; the climate change. Lately, climate change and global warming has
become the talk of the town. It is one of the major global ...

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Happy Mothers' Day
“The touch of her hand, the sweetness of her
laughter, the taste of her food, the warmth of her hug, the depth of her love… she
is the most special person on this earth”. As the world celebrates this beautiful day, I can’t
hold back myself from jotting down...

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Lets keep Our Toilet Clean.....
or lavatory gives you the first impression of any place or home you visit. A
clean and tidy toilet speaks more than a beautiful host. Moreover, it is the
only place where we have the complete freedom to be ourselves. It is a place
where we express ou...

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Straight From My Heart.... With Much Love
The new day was just born. It was 12:35 am, the 12 th  of August 2014. I was awaken by the repeated beeping of my cell phone. In my half sleep state I could see many familiar numbers calling me; I rubbed my eyes to catch the clear view, yeah! My family memb...

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Celebrating the 60th Birth Anniversary in our Style!!!
Ladies and gentlemen dressed in their best attire, a huge curve of smile on everyone’s face just reminded that the nation is celebrating a big and historic day. The 11 th  of November 2015, the 60 th  birth anniversary of our beloved Drugyal Zhipa will rema...

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Just love walking this way...........
the last two months, I have walked along this path way. The First few days were
like oh! My god!  I hate walking on this
way. The fifteen minute walk from my hostel to classroom can make you fall in
love with nature. The smell of the pine trees, walking...

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My Summer Takes ...
I had been too much involved with an assignment where I had to click flower pictures and identify them. For a moment I felt like I was living my childhood
days where I and my friends used to collect flowers and count who among us has
the highest and ...

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My Random thoughts on Human Value
had been more than five days tuning to human value workshop and in all these
days we were taken into the world of human value. The word human value had been
revolving around me for the last few days. What is human value??...  A Simple question that will ...
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