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Teaching children financial responsibility can add up to major gains in the long run – but it needs to start early.

Even though personal financial management is as important as ever, all the evidence suggests that many youngsters are not at all good at it – and that their elders are no better at teaching them.

Worryingly, financial illiteracy is the norm across all age brackets. But in a society which is heavily geared towards consumption rather than thrift, the problems faced by young people are doubly acute: those in the 15 to 24 age bracket represent more than 20% of the over-indebted population. Their average debt-to-income ratio stands at nearly 70%

One reason for this lack of understanding is the absence of education. Three years ago, the government made financial education statutory at secondary school level; but the foundations for being wise with money are set much earlier than that.

Several studies suggest that the bedrock of financial education doesn’t relate specifically to money at all. It is about learning to take responsibility for yourself and a wider sense that what you do today has ramifications for the future. It’s also about grasping the value of delaying gratification.

Children first learn that saving today – by making small sacrifices such as forgoing sweets – could add up to something more worthwhile tomorrow, such as being able to afford a new bike. As they get older, we hope they might gain an understanding of how savings earn interest or gain value; the bountiful rewards of compound returns; the tax bands on income; and, lastly, knowledge of financial products such as investments.

Yet we find that, even as young adults, many are at a loss to understand simple interest rates, let alone how to protect wealth through investment.

“It’s clear that kids’ attitudes towards money are shaped at a much younger age than we think, so we need to start the process of talking about money as early as possible,” says Sarah Willingham, an entrepreneur who appears on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den.

The failure to put the basics in place for children in primary schools has rebounded on government attempts to kick-start the process, according to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Financial Education for Young People. It cites the opinion of Martin Lewis, founder of, that getting financial education onto the national secondary curriculum had proved “damaging because many people saw it as a job done”.

Given the lack of financial tuition in primary schools, it makes sense for parents and grandparents to step in. Young children are receptive to advice – they also appreciate it. Perhaps surprisingly, they are sometimes more receptive to their grandparents than they are to their parents.

The first is to focus on building responsibility. This needs to happen between the ages of four and six, and simple stories can help. Monkeys who eat all their bananas, bears who keep back some of their berries, and squirrels who save some acorns and then go on to plant them, thereby reaping the rewards later.

As children get older, explaining how the ‘miracle’ of compound returns can make for dramatic gains over time.

Frame explanations in terms of concrete and desirable purchases. No one likes to be told not to buy a coffee each day. So, instead, explain how much they would save between the ages of 18 and 40 if they didn’t indulge in such a regular treat.

The next 30 years will see the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth in history, with trillions flowing to the current generation of children from parents and grandparents.

My children will not find themselves left out – unknown to them, they already have a nice “pot of gold”. As ever, the message is that it is vital to start early.

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Cashgold is the new independent and alternative means of payment and exchange from Karatbars International.

It comes in four different weight values of 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.4g & 0.6g

So you can now starting saving in gold from just 7 euros!

CashGold has many high-level security features to protect against counterfeiting.

Although CashGold is not currency, it can be accepted accordingly. It also offers the user the opportunity to build a personal gold reserve.

Businesses and individuals who are registered via the K-Exchange system and/or have a Karatpay Wallet, can make and accept payments via the KaratPay system with CashGold

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Register for a FREE gold savings account during June 2017 and receive a 3% discount off all gold acquired for the next 12 months!

#gold #howtosaveingold #savinggold #buygoldonline #howtobuygold #karatbarsinternational #karatbars

Subject to submission of required satisfactory identification documents

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99% of the public don't own physical gold but 90%+ of the public have bank accounts.

Over 90% of the public are in debt to the banks - ALL banks own gold!

You give them YOUR money, they go and buy gold and get 12% average return per year (since 2001) and pay you 0.01% or maybe 3% if you guarantee they can keep your money for 3 years in an ISA account.

Even if it is in a 3% ISA, inflation will wipe out your 3% anyway! The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That's how the banks win and the public stays enslaved in debt.

As long as the government and banks control each other and the educational system, that's how it will stay. University debt, Car debt, Mortgage debt. The public are nice little debt sheep working 60 hour weeks to pay the interest on their loans and keep the rich happy.

Or you can do something about it ... Open a FREE gold savings account and start saving from as little as €7 / £6 / $8 for 0.1 gram up to €245 / £275 / $275 for 5 grams.

Stored for free or delivered to your house. No minimum orders, no commitment, no subscriptions, no memberships.

Have a look at for full information and register for your free account TODAY!

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How many of you are saving for your children, grandchildren or even yourself?

It’s in an ISA, Savings Bond or Premium Bonds right? If you’re really lucky, you might get a 2.5% return?

Let’s look at an example –

You invest £50 per month for 10 years, so £6,000.

A 2.5% return would give you £6,800

£800 over 10 years …

£80 per year …

not very exiting or fruitful is it?

To be honest, a total waste of time, effort and cash!

We all know what £6,800 could buy you today, will buy you a lot less in 10 years time.

Now let’s look at an alternative example –

You invest £50 per month for 10 years into physical gold, so again £6,000

Over the past 10 years physical gold has averaged a 12% increase year on year.

Your return would be £11,096

£5,096 ROI over 10 years
£509 per year … is that not more exciting? Not only do you have a return, but you also own physical gold – REAL money!

Physical Gold has intrinsic value that will only ever increase.

So, today, for £50 a month, you can acquire 1 gram of physical 24kt 999.9 gold every month (or week if you wish!) Imagined if you’d already started this just 5 years ago?

Get started today with your FREE gold savings account at today!

Who are Karatbars International?

Founded in 2011, Karatbars International are based in Stuttgart, Germany, Their primary purpose is to enable everyone and anyone over the age of 18 to acquire affordable physical 24kt 999.9 pure gold by the gram. Overseen by its CEO Harald Seiz, the company is debt free and is a fully registered company, classified as an “E-commerce” company with an affiliate program. Karatbars are also recognized and regulated by the World Trade Organization. Karatbars is active in 119 countries around the world, and has customers and business affiliates throughout, and is growing month on month, year on year. Their gold is supplied from the Nadir Refinery in Turkey, recognised by the LBMA (London Bullion Market) as a “Good Delivery” company of gold.

99% of the worlds population do not own physical 24kt gold – Haralds vision is to change that, and improve peoples lives and financial situations. Harald is involved in many global events, such as the World Energy Forum and sponsor and partner of Cinema for Peace in 2017. Karatbars has partnership deals with Real Madrid and many top athletes. Karatbars even have their own race team!

Why gold?

We are born into the world, and as we grow, we are told how the world works, what has value, what does not. We are told money, cash, is the object we must spend our lives accumulating for our old age. But money is just paper, paper with a value set by governments and markets, and we follow the rules. Since 1971, money has been printed in almost unregulated quantity, causing its devaluation year after year after year. So what does your future hold with your cash?

Your cash IS evaporating. Inflation is ever decreasing the buying power of our cash, so turning it into gold, which never devalues, will never go bankrupt, CANNOT be copied, is a sensible choice for helping to secure your financial future. Lets take a look at gold value over the years …..

Since 2002 over 420% return in GBP!! So now you have the idea, this is where Karatbars comes in.

So how is it done?

Karatbars are in demoninations of 1g 2.5g & 5g credit card sized cards.

From as little as 50 euros, you can own a certified genuine 1 gram of 24kt 999.9 gold. It can be stored free of charge for you, or you can have it sent to your home via secure FedEx delivery. You are not “buying” anything, you are simply turning your cash into gold, which over time will only increase with value, where as your cash will only decrease in value.

These cards are the core products of Karatbars, but there are also many other gold products available – birthday cards, christmas cards, weddings etc etc

So what makes Karatbars gold different? All Karatbards gold is LBMA (London Gold Bullion Market) certified.The LBMA is THE competent authority for the world bullion market – central banks, private sector investors, mining companies, producers, refiners and fabricators. The cards contain all the information necessary to prove you have genuine 24kt 999.9 gold, and they make it easy to sell if you so wish. Each card has a Certificate, Hologram, Unique Serial Number and a blacklight reader will also reveal its authenticity with unique features.

Top reasons to acquire gold

Cash ALWAYS devalues, Gold ALWAYS gains value
Gold offers protection against inflation and currency reform
Gold bars are global cash
Gold in a time of crisis is a stable investment
Gold is and will remain unimpaired, as limited resources which are not reproducible
Global demand for gold is higher than its supply
The purchase and sale of investment gold is exempt from VAT
Gold is security for you and your family, and sooner is better than later – the price of gold only increases.

So HOW can you acquire gold?

Simply register for FREE at

• There is NO obligation

• There is NO need to supply any credit card details

• There are NO membership fees, NO subscription fees


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