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If you want a vision of the future, imagine Lucy pulling a football away - forever.
If you want a vision of the future, imagine Lucy pulling a football away - forever.
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First of all, thank you to all those who have donated! I have changed the goal amount today due to an extremely generous and unexpected donation that did not come through gofundme. Thanks to everyone's help, Lili will be able to go to the Harvard Summer Program! Lili, Marta and I are incredibly grateful to all of you!

The remaining goal amount consists of travel expenses to Boston and back, and living expenses for Lili while she is there for 7 weeks.

She arrives in Boston on June 17th, and will be there through August 5th. Donations for the remaining goal can be sent from now through that entire period. While she is at Harvard, I will be making updates at least once a week to let you all know how she is doing.

Even if you're not able to donate, please feel free to share this. Thank you so much!!

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We got the word on Lili's financial aid award for the Harvard Secondary School Program this Summer. It is about half of what she will need to be able to go. I have been working on a gofundme since last night, and I just finished. Feel free to share with anyone who might want to help her out. :) <3

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Stupid Monk Tricks
If you have monks in your DnD game, here is a Stupid Monk Rule! The idea is that it’s a self-contained add-on ability that balances itself internally, so there should be no need to restrict it by level, etc. Combat Balance, or Karma Strain, or Chi Balance, ...

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My KotOR Characters. Of Course. I'm experiencing some pretty serious DnD burnout. I love spending time with my friends, and I love the fantastic worlds that I get to visit. A majority of my problem, I think, is the long-running basic assumption that DnD cha...

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Anglian Religion and World View - Airtha, Fairwhus
Few in mainstream Anglian society dispute Odin and Frigga and their family, or the kinship of the Æsir and the Vanir. They take for granted that these individuals exist as (divine and different) flesh and blood, and that they live in a place called Asgard. ...

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NPC Parties
One of the most dreaded results on the random encounter table is the NPC party. Not for the players, but for me when I’m GM’ing. I am suddenly responsible for randomly rolling five or more characters right in the middle of a game. The best solution I’ve fou...

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These pictures made me think about how much I like running cities in DnD.

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Bookmark your Hangouts video calls

Whether it’s the weekly chat from your dorm room with your parents or that group video call with your fantasy football league, Hangouts is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family. With today's update, it's easier and faster to get into a Hangouts video call with your favorites.

You can already share a link to a live video call from your browser to invite more people to join. Starting today you can bookmark the URL for any video call and come back to it again and again. Save it to your desktop, bookmark it in your browser, email it, attach it to your calendar -- stash it anywhere you like! Then, when you open a saved Hangouts link, you’ll be immediately connected to anyone else that opened that same link. Getting the gang back together again has never been easier.

#Hangouts   #googleplusupdates  

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News from Castle Nicodemus
In the year and a half (!) since we last looked in on events in the area around Castle Nicodemus (a pre-empted siege attempt by a company of five score orcs), a mere 3 months have passed in Anglia. All agree the chronological flux between Anglia and Europe ...

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If 50 different people give an answer to his question, one of those 50 gets genuine printed books! Let's give him 50!
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