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tomorrow Ornitocopter is hitting the #gamesweek2013   in #milan   to learn from the best. We'll be back with lot of photos and news!

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The first interview about Back in the Caves with our own Giovanni “Yoae” Bodega and Jose Cardoso from +beefjacker  about the pain and gain of roguelikes

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Not so regular Update N.2 

Second round! this week we present you with the first thing that can(and will) kill you, a plant! Head over to to see it in motion!

I know, I know a plant doesn’t sound so threatening, you don’t see B movies with killer plants but they star in kickass musical and give out some thoughtful life advices too.

Except our plant it's just here to kill you because how else a plant will survive in a cave?!? So remember, be a good gardener and feed your plants and they might even let you live the next run in Back in the Caves!(not really )
The design and animation are made by our fellow graphic Andrea “Finlith” Sala and it's just one of his many creation you'll see in the final release!

#notsoregularupdate   #backinthecaves   #ornitocopter  
Animated Photo

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Not so regular Update N.1:

Howdy soon to be cave dwellers ?

So far we showed you a brief teaser trailer of what’s going on in the Ornitocopter mind, Back in the Caves (BitC) will be our first adventure in the game development world, not an easy walk in the park I dare say.

Thankfully we work with some amazing people, you have alredy saw the work of our graphic artist Cammello but here is the first original art ever for the project.

The request was something like this “make it a caveman, make it rough, think about The Flintstones meeting Shank” and this table was the incredible answer. As you can see we choose style N.5 for Mr. Caveman but that doesn’t mean we discard the rest of them! Variety is the key for a roguelike and we’ll try to implent it in every single aspect of the game.

Check out for more work from Cammello (camel in italian if you were wondering, don’t worry we got you cover)

As you notice form the title we’ll try to post regular update here and on the other social networks (that’s what all the cool kids do nowdays right?) so subscribe to our RSS (RIP Google reader, you’ll be missed)! like on Facebook! Follow on Twitter! Circle on Google+! Do what they do on Tumblr!

Ornitocopter out! Ciao!

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Check out the original art for Back in the Caves. As always from the talented Cammello at

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A mask?!? It’s not the Clavicus Vile one, it’s the first preview of the first original videogame from Ornitocopter! It’s gonna be awesome!

But don’t worry we’re not abandonig the Morrowind Game Experience Overhaul project, it’s just on hold until the release of our first game! We’ll be back to Morrowind, in the meantime follow us, deep into the ground...

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This is the new look of The Tribunal Temple in Mournhold (and some cliff racers too) in the upcoming +The Elder Scrolls Online  What's your opinion about turning the Elder Scrolls (past) universe in a MMORPG ?

#morrowind   #elderscrollsonline  

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Summer Sales are here ! 40% off Morrowind right now until 22/07. Which other games are you planning to buy during these sales ? (Don' forgot Amazon, Gog and GMG also have their sales !)

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"Hello there, I'm Gaenor an entrepreneur of sort, think you could part with, say, fifty gold ?"
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