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Jeremy Morgan
A man of many hats: husband, father, gamer, editor, game designer, software engineer.
A man of many hats: husband, father, gamer, editor, game designer, software engineer.


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As the editor, I say you should pick this up. Immediately.
If you like conspiracy games, now's a good time to pick up #TheImposters. It's 17% off! An anthology of 7 conspiracy rpgs by 7 designers.
The Imposters
The Imposters
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Go check out a cool new project for Fate!

(Disclosure: when it funds, I'll get to edit it!)
The Kickstarter for A Far Off Land is now live.
A Far Off Land is authored by myself and +Jacob Possin
It features art from +Gennifer Bone, +Tanyaporn Sangsnit, myself and others.
It will be edited by +Jeremy Morgan
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I had the pleasure of editing this. You should check it out!
Sig now has a free quickstart adventure!
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The Imposters is getting tantalizingly close to done. We plan to Kickstart it in early April. The Imposters is an anthology of seven conspiracy-themed games by seven different authors, including three #GoldenCobra winners, a Golden Cobra honorable mention, a #200WordRPG winner, two +Game Chef winners, and the former Global Coordinator of #GameChef. Despite our apparent successes, all seven designers admit that we struggle with Imposter Syndrome,* the self-perception that we aren't "real" designers who deserve to hang with the "professionals."
If you can sympathize with our struggles, or you struggle with Imposter Syndrome yourself, or you have been harrassed and othered by folks in the gaming community, we encourage you to join our conspiracy and check out the +Kickstarter next month. We're proud of what we've made together. These games are awesome. They range from an X-Files inspired mystery set at a funeral to a spy vs. spy meetup to a full-on, cryptographic psychogeography larp. If you follow any of us on social media, there's at least one game in here that you will love.

See you in April.

Josh and his fellow Imposters
+Barbara Ng
+Todd Crapper
+Alex Carlson
+Nick Wedig
+James Mullen
+timothy hutchings
+Jay Sylvano
+Jeremy Morgan

*Also spelled Impostor Syndrome. They're both correct. And I will fight you on that if you need me to.
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Go back the Kickstarter!
I know that I’m talking a great deal about Sig during this kickstarter campaign, but I am only but one small player on this project. The book would be a mere shadow of itself, if not for the inspiring work of the many contributors. I want to take a moment to highlight the amazing work done by these folks, if you will be so kind as to indulge me.

+Jeremy Morgan was, without a doubt, the person closest to this project. He has been our developmental editor, ever since the fall of 2014 when I emailed him the very first section of the Elemental Plane of Flame. We worked at a furious pace for weeks, emailing crude draft texts and initial revisions every night. He stuck with the project, helping me identify problematic content, and reworking the structure. I am absolutely indebted to him for his editorial skill, and you really ought to hire him for your own games.

+Elizabeth Bauman was hired for Sig: The City Between. Her excellent indexing work did more than provide a useful reference. She went through the process of character creation, and highlighted some serious structural issues that I had with the text at that time. Her feedback dramatically improved the book, and her work is still reflected in the Manual of the Primes.

+Julie Dillon is, without a doubt, one of the best sci-fi and fantasy illustrators around. She has won more awards than I can even name, and her illustrations set the tone for Sig. Her emotionally revealing illustrations show a diverse cast of characters who belong to the city between, and many words were inspired by her art.

+Moustafa Chamli is a friend of mine and a lebanese-born multi-disciplinary artist. He sketched the multiverse itself, showing the moebius city and the infinite prime worlds beyond. His art makes the book fell like an in-world object, and really contributes to the tone. You can actually grab prints and coffee mugs, featuring one of these illustrations, on Society6 over at

+Nathan Paoletta left his mark on nearly every page of the book. I asked him to create a series of icons to represent the various planes of existence, as well as the prime worlds. His work is evocative and beautiful, sharp as hell, and core to the game.

+Alex Roberts created the prime world of Crystalia, a world sharp and unyielding. She presents a sparkling world of austere beauty, where perfection is divine and forgiveness is a forgotten word. Would you like to live in her world, where imperfection is doom?

+Sweet Ingenuity created the prime world of the Iron Cities. She described a cluster of imperialist city-states, where the constant threat of war upholds a rigid social system. She presents a world with very different gender roles, and explores how society changes.

+Elizabeth Chaipraditkul created the prime world of Dimming Twilight. She spoke of the place where stars come to die, each behemoth whispering memories and stories till its light finally diminishes. She posits a world where thieves steal immortality from the light of dying stars.

+Renee Knipe created the prime word of Age of Scales. She created not one world, but a million — once-thriving parts of the ‘verse gone still. She describes the terrible serpent dynasty, crushing worlds under their dominion.

+Whitney Beltrán created the prime world of Alucina. She speaks of the home of sliding visions and vibrating colors, where songs are valued treasure and ancestors walk besides the living. It’s a world informed by South American mythology and religious traditions, with a profound resonance.

+Kira Magrann created the prime world of Hex. She spoke of a floating city made of the bones of some ancient creature, where the local demons cater to every desire. It’s a world of demons, drugs, and deals between consenting parties.

+Hannah Shaffer created the prime world of the Whispering Sands. She spoke of a lush Oasis at the center of a lethal desert. Few seekers ever reach the Oasis, and those who do believe it to be a mirage. It’s a world that speaks to the folly of desire, and the wonders outside of our perception.

All of these people made Sig happen. All I did was keep the lights on and recognize their creative genius. I would have never made it this far without them.

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Harassment. Is. Not. Okay.

I don't know Kate Bullock, but I've heard of her. But that's besides the point.

It's been a long while since I posted anything to G+, but this is important enough to come back.

The fact that some (usually men) think that it is acceptable to post threats of sexual violence against someone is unacceptable. Period.

I have some amount of social cred in the gaming industry, and this is a small step I can take. I'm saying threats and harassment are not okay. I'm saying something, and I'll continue to do so.

Read the post. Believe this kind of thing happens. Be on guard.

And if you're one of the people who responds this way. Stop and think before you do it. And if you do, and post it anyway? I've got no time for you.
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You should pick this up. And not just because I was the editor (although that's a fine reason, too).
Sig for Sale

If anyone wants a physical copy of Sig, or any of our other fine products, they are now all available on our website! If there are anyone you know who missed the kickstarter or wants a hardcopy, point them here.
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You should get in on this...
Double Exposure is proud to present the GRAND OPENING of:

The Envoy Role Play & Story Gateway

A 24-hour, 365-days a year online game-matching system for all Envoy role playing games and story games. It allows Gamemasters and Players from anywhere in the world to schedule online sessions around the clock, utilizing already existing online gaming tools such as Google Hangouts and Roll20 - all for FREE.

The following games are supported today:

Champions Complete
Fantasy Hero Complete
GODLIKE: Superhero Roleplaying
The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition)
Monsters & Other Childish Things
Wild Talents
Delta Green
OmegaZone Instant Setting
Posthuman Pathways
Dystopia Rising
Project Paradigm: The World Shift Experiment
Fortune's Fool
Circle of Hands
Night's Black Agents
Trail of Cthulhu
Ashen Stars
The Esoterrorists
Blood & Honor
Mutants & Masterminds
Dragon Age RPG
A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying
Fantasy AGE RPG
Narosia: Sea of Tears
Urban Shadows
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Hey, Planescape peeps. +Jason Pitre is Kickstarting a thing that has the soul of Planescape oozing out of it.

Check it out.

Full disclosure: I was the editor on this.
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