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It's so busy and sometimes stressful at this time of year- RELAX with this popular effective combination of calming valerian & lemon tea & relaxing high dosage magnesium !! Many of our happy customers swear by this exact combination to get them through the silly season.

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At ESSENTIAL HEALTH FOODS we have all the healthiest superfoods. NEW this week NOPAL CACTUS powder is the dried powder of the prickly pear cactus. Great in soups, smoothies or protein shakes this superfood treats diabetes, high cholesterol and promotes weight loss. 
GET IN NOW and be the 1st to try the latest trend. Available in a resealable 200gr packet.

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It's that time of year !!! Time to drop a dress size and get in shape for summer. 
Dilute 15ml of this great tasting Garcinia liquid in 1 litre of water and drink over several hours. 
With a carbohydrate reduced diet this product will have you back to your goal weight in no time.

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Essential Health Boronia partnering with Victoria Police. 
Sargent Kathryn Cardwell presenting a certificate of appreciation to Christine following her successful presentation on Women's Health issues at the Knox Civic Centre.

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Spring is the perfect time for a detox. 
This herbal tonic will get your system functioning in a healthy way. During a detox include lots of green vegetables, pure water and avoid coffee and alcohol. 
You'll be feeling so great and full of energy by the end of 1 month on this product.

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Greenwheat Freekeh is a healthy & nutritious product created by roasting young green wheat. The grains are young when harvested so Freekeh contains more protein, vitamins & minerals than mature grains. 
It is
-Low carb
-Low GI
-High in fibre
- Rich in prebiotic properties
-higher in minerals than many other grains
It can be used as a substitute for rice, as a side dish, as a breakfast cereal or used in soups or salads.
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