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Que Yisrael
God Fearing homeschool mom!
God Fearing homeschool mom!

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Homeschooling the special needs child....
As a mom homeschooling a few special needs children, I can understand how challenging it can be.   Homeschooling any child requires, sacrifice, patience, and unconditional love, but when a child with special needs is in the mix triple all the above.   What ...

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Embracing change!
Change is a part of growth. Everyone changes and your spouse is no different. There Comes A Time when you get to a point where you no longer recognize who the person is that you are in a relationship with the person you love more than anything, this is wher...

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Wow time....Slow down!
These are my heart beats .....How they have grown,,,,I miss them being this age ....

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The Tribe!
My little loves !!!

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I'm a little Immature!
A few days ago my 9 old daughter Aniyah, was having a hard day she sometimes has trouble controlling her feelings. Yesterday was no different and she was feeling misunderstood and begin to have one of her famous Mini Tantrums. Her 12 year old brother Yeshe ...

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Broken and weak!!
I'm broken.... I didn't want to believe how weak and broken I was, still am... I'm desperate to hear God,  to feel God, I cry out to him needing to be held by him.... My brokenness and weakness is deep and unforgiving.  I went to a women's conference today ...

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Oh well.....
I don't know about you but at times I get into a rut of trying to live up to the appearance I have created in my head  you know like (your kids need the perfect outfit, your hair needs to be perfectly styled, your house has to be eat off the floor

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Dissatisfaction is Gods Clue !
As children we are taught to just be satisfied, that being
dissatisfied is not allowed. So as adults we still have this concept
that dissatisfaction is a bad thing, and that we should do
everything possible to avoid it. Push it down. Ignore it. Act like

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Colleges that offer Free Tuition:
As parents we all dream of our children
going to college and becoming a success . I have 11 children and
that breaks down to 11 college tuition's..... Don't worry this might
be the answer to our ability to provide the best secondary education,
money can ...

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Just Be Still!
I  want lie to you the words "Just Be Still: send shivers up my spine... In my very fleshly mind to be still to me means to secretly surrender, even if I know I am right, to wave the white flag. Psalms 46:10 say to be still and know that I am God and I will...
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