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Republican National Convention
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Relive the nomination of the next President of the United States, +Mitt Romney. 
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God bless wonderful people.
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Finally, everything has been leading up to this moment. It’s time to hear from the Republican nominee for President, Governor Mitt Romney! 

Watch LIVE right now!
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Link to Rand Paul endorsement of Romney:

Emily:  is this what you want?  
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And the much-anticipated mystery speaker is revealed: legendary actor Clint Eastwood! Don’t miss his speech:
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+Lou Gagliardi Well you never want to disobey the reigning Sith Lord. It always ends badly. 
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Former Lt. Gov. Kerrey Healy had a front-row seat to see how Gov. Romney turned around Massachusetts. She’s the next speaker, and you can see her live at
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+Bertha Yellowfinch That's OK. I just wanted to make sure you knew. I focus on the number of employed because it is far less subject to definitional surprises. I want to emphasize that while the absolute difference between the number of employed the day he took office and the day he left office is not that impressive, he did come in to a situation that was getting worse, and made it better.

And, that's what Mitt Romney does: He turned things around for the better in almost everything he  tried. That stands in stark contrast to Obama's life where his major accomplishments have been restricted to getting himself elected to higher and higher office until he found one where he can't vote "present" all the time.

I think you might like my post "Romney was good at what he did"

If you do, please share.
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Former Speaker of the House and leader of the Republican Revolution of 1994, Newt Gingrich and his wife Callista are speaking right now on the legacy of Ronald Reagan.

Watch them LIVE:
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Republican National Convention hung out with 4 people. #hangoutsonairAnna Todovich, Mike Smith, Michael Quinn Sullivan, and Republican National Convention
Insider Look from Tampa with Governor Rick Perry
Republican National Convention and 4 others participated
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Have them in circles
130,586 people
Get to know Mitt Romney, our nominee and the next President of the United States!

Mitt Romney: Introduction
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+Michael Cobb And you continue to think you
A) Are in a position to lecture me. Go fuck yourself.
B) Think I give a fuck about you. I do not.
and C)  Care what you think.

Being offended does not confer to you any special rights or privilege. Get over yourself. 

And on the contrary, Liberals are not saying the country owes us,
WE owe our country. And don't have selective memories about
what the tax rates in this country were, or an inability, like
former President Clinton said, of being unable to do arithmetic.

And you have the unmitigated GALL to suggest it was Obama, and not people like Mitch McConnell stating their ONLY goal was not helping America, but making Obama a one term president, as the reason for the rancor.

You, sir, are an idiot.
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Here’s Florida’s own Sen. Marco Rubio, one of the most well-known young stars in the Republican Party. You can watch his whole speech LIVE:
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I didn't once mention Ron Paul, you are the child sir...
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One of Mitt Romney’s best known accomplishments is turning around the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics from scandal and debt troubles to a successful Games that Americans can be proud of. Tune in to the livestream now to hear from some great Olympians about why they support Mitt Romney.
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Bertha yellowfinch
I'm not a Democrat wow only morons support that BS. Get some real beliefs and join a party that gets shit done. Or don't I dont care.
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And now a speech from the former Governor of the host state for the 2012 Republican National Convention: former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

It’s live at
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Welcome to the final night of the 2012 Republican National Convention. Tonight we’ll hear from an exciting lineup of speakers who will explain just why Governor Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified to handle the challenges facing our nation at this critical time. And at the end of the night, Gov. Romney will officially accept the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States!

Don’t miss a single minute! Watch on our livestream:
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It was a treat to hear a war hero and foreign policy expert speak on America’s role in the world last night. Sen. John McCain told the convention, “At our best, America has led. We have led by our example, as a shining city on a hill. We have led at the direction of patriots from both parties… We have led, when necessary, with the armed might of freedom’s defenders. And always we have led from the front, never from behind.”

Senator John McCain

And remember, you can find all our videos, highlights, and livestreams here:
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Have them in circles
130,586 people
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