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Experiential Concept (EC) Learning
Experiential Concept (EC) Learning

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Those reading this are among the lucky 1% of the world to get a great education. Nowadays, I see a dawning recognition and awareness of the value of education - the maid servant who spends 1/3 or her salary on her daughter's education, the driver who invests in a chit fund so he can manage the school fees of his two sons.
In the developing world, education is now understood to be the surest way to break out of poverty.

So, on the one side, we have this huge volume of people who want to learn demanding more and more from the creaking education infrastructure - unable to handle the quantity and the quality issues involved in education.

On the other side, mobile phones are now more common than bicycles and TV sets. More than 4.6B mobile phones are in use today.

I believe, that the inexorable demand for learning and the the never before leverage through Mobile devices can fuel a paradigm shift in education - a shift which is both qualitative and quantitative.

Education = Inspiration + perspiration
We plan to have a mentor network for the inspiration and games for the perspiration.
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