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Sarah Donivan
Geeky, Nerdy, Foody, Life-long Reader, Fangirl.. What else is there?
Geeky, Nerdy, Foody, Life-long Reader, Fangirl.. What else is there?

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stated beautifully

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truth and that is sad

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very interesting!
The British Library has recorded of 75 minutes of Shakespeare's most famous scenes, all performed in the original pronunciation of Shakespeare's time. But how do we know, or guess, what that was like? And what does it actually sound like? Listen!

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Thought provoking

"The internet can then be understood as a large hybrid entity, or as sociologists like to say "an assemblage", of diverse actors both human and non-human. These actors are:

Humans, encompassing their biological selves and their cultures and institutions.
Hardware, including computers, mobile devices, mass storage facilities, transmission equipment, transoceanic cables, and so on.
Code, including a vast wilderness of ever evolving protocols and software."

I am Hope; I am Hate;
I am Loved and Unwanted;
I am Cared for and Ignored;
I am the Innocent; I am the Temptress;
I am all things Wished for, but none Needed;

I am Thoughtful, but Selfish;
I am Liar; I am Truth;
I am Unique but Ordinary;
I am Creator of ideas; I am the Destroyer of ideals;
I am Different, yet Normal;

I am the sum of these things, yet none of them at all

I've been thinking about what I wear on my feet and what it means. I am either a) barefoot; b) in boots; c) in my ratty tennies. In the carefree days of spring and summer I am often barefoot, and in the chiller weather I am often in my boots, and I do love my boots. But what carries me though no matter the time of year are my ratty tennies. I simply love these things.

My ratty tennis shoes were never new to me, I borrowed them one day from someone (I cannot even remember who,) and simply never gave them back. I used to not think about them, I just slipped them on as I ran out the door to go to class. Then I went through a period of time where I was ashamed of them, and did my best not to show them off; now I can say I am proud of them. They are ugly, broken down and well worn, but they have been there through some of the darkest days of my life without failing me once. Yeah, my feet my get a little damp in them as the sole is splitting from the shoe itself, and yeah, they don't do much to keep my feet warm, but they still bring a level of comfort to me that sounds odd to explain. I wear them as slip-ons, standing on the back of them, or if I might need to actually walk or perhaps run I do actually wear them as the makers intended.

As I sit here thinking of it, perhaps my feelings about my ratty tennies are an indication of how I feel about myself and how I perceive that I am viewed in the world. It is perhaps in the acknowledgment of my tennis shoes flaws and strengths and my acceptance of them that indicate that I more accepting of my own personal flaws and weakness, and yes, more accepting of my strengths. As I have grown and become proud of who I am and what I stand for, I have also grown in love for my ratty tennies.

Live on my ratty, grotty tennies. Live on and live well.
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