I got another thought about importance of education. In very hard push-the-limits style projects you're looking for new team members who has exceptional experience in some very specific ares (e.g. Google Engineer in Robotics should have 12 years in Robotics). And how you become skilled is anything? First, you became interesting in it. Second, you start working in it, getting new results and building your network of people who work in the same direction.

But what if your area is very specific and hard to stumble upon, or it is believed to be impossible for mere mortals?! In that case almost nobody starts doing pet projects in it, not getting any real experience. And your labs are having problems with getting the new blood.

Because of this, any educational endeavor that raises awareness of new areas, enormously helps our whole planet, opening a lot of new professional possibilities for a lot of bright people. This incredible open courses on AI and ML by +Peter Norvig, +Andrew Ng and Sebastian Thrun are exceptional in this regard. They connect you and these incredible areas. They make you to believe that you can solve world-class problem in this area. They make it possible to fall in love with these subjects. Some of my friends attending these courses say "I'll start AI start-up next year" or "I wanna build robots with Andrew Ng". And I am already crazy about robotics/perception/AI stuff. It will definitely change my career path!
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