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Elizabeth Campbell
Family, love, crafts,and a good book or two.
Family, love, crafts,and a good book or two.

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Update for Toddler Flower Headband - Crochet
I just had to share a couple of our family photos from our Christmas shoot so you could see just how wonderful the Toddler Flower Headband I  made for Inez looked! The pictures that I took didn't do my kiddos justice. My Aunt Val is amazing! Look how pretty...

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Pre-made Blanket with Crochet Border
While I was out doing some Black Friday Perusing I found these blankets on sale at Walmart for five dollars. I didn't immediately know what I wanted to do with it, but I picked up a pretty pink polka-dotted one anyway! Then shortly after that I noticed some...

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Men'sHat - Crochet
This goofy man is my amazing husband Nick. I made him a hat. This face is proof that he loves it so! It's always much more hectic around the house when everyone is home, and so this post is a little late today, Better late than never right? I started this p...

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Granny Square Flower Afghan - Crochet
Today's project is working on as many of these squares as I can. My son Ryland is out of school the next two days, which mostly means I'll be too busy to get much done. It's okay though, because these busy days are the best days!  Something that I am learni...

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Simple Knit Scarf
When I first started my journey into knitting I chose to do the easiest things I could find. There isn't much easier than a scarf that uses basic knits and purls to give it some texture. For the scarf pictured above I used an elongated seed stitch patter th...

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Toddler Flower Headband - Crochet
My husband Nick and I were making sure that we knew what everyone was wearing for our Christmas card pictures this past weekend, when I decided that my lovely hair challenged little girl needed a little something to wear on her head. Luckily we got our outd...

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Feather and Fan - Knit Afghan
On this blog I plan to do a mixture of Crochet and Knit projects. I am currently very fascinated with the different textures and the ease of crochet, but since this blog site is Knits with Heart I thought I should begin with a knitting project that I have o...

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Under Construction.
I am currently in the process of getting this blog up and running and hope to have some exciting posts up before the end of the week. I am ready to bring the crafts that keep me sane to the greater wide web of the world. Over the next few days I will be cre...

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No Book but the World by Leah Hager Cohen
No Book but the World by Leah Hager Cohen.  ISBN   1594486034 Publishing date: April 3, 2014, Riverhead In a similar fashion as participating in Kindle first, I am also a reader for a program by Penguin Publishing that allows readers to enter drawings to be...

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Hidden by Catherine McKenzie
Catherine McKenzie has been a recent favorite of mine. I've only reviewed one other book of hers,  Arranged . The book Hidden is currently on the Kindle First list for March, which means that anyone who has Amazon Prime is able to download it for free befor...
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