Today, I was at Open Forum Europe #ofe2012 and one of the speaker looked familiar (the MySQL talk).

During the whole talk, I was trying to remember where I met him when, suddenly, I recognized him.

He was the engineer of :
An Engineer's Guide to Cats

Looking the video on my smartphone, I was certain it was him. He was a bit skinner but the video was made 4 years ago. That could explain it. Everything else was the same: facial expressions, being an engineer, hairs. Everything.

So, at the end of the speech, I walked to meet him and, with a big smile on my face, told him:
— Hi ! Are you the guy with all those cats ? (Like the video, I was faking having cat hairs on my jacket)
— Sorry ?
— With all those cats !
— Cats ?
— Yes, cats. Do you have cats at home ?
— No. Why ?
— oooops…

Nice combo but, hopefully, +glyn moody and +Simon Phipps were too busy to hear me.
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