My Dutch is bad enough so I'm not sure if I understood this clearly:

Basically, it looks like some entity called "BREIN" asked to make it punishable to post a link to thepiratebay or to establish a proxy to the piratebay.

But, if I understand clearly, they also want to make illegal to explain how to connect to the piratebay or to encourage to connect to it (which is, basically, what they think the Pirate Party is doing).

What is funny is :

1) That this is plain censure. No other word could apply.

2) The pirate bay is itself a site that gives you link to file that allow you to retrieve a file that might be copyrighted. They thus want to ban site that link to a site that link to a file that link to a copyrighted material. Extending this law from one or two degree might make the whole WWW illegal (including Kevin Bacon's website).

3) Their document itself gives plenty of links to incriminated website and, at least for me and my twisted mind, was encouraging connecting to a TPB proxy. Insert here a stupid smile or a

Now, I hope this will be translated in English for better understanding.
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The funniest thing is that a lot of people learn about Pirate Bay via regular tv news because of Brein (Dutch MPAA/RIAA) vs Pirate Bay being news. Brein finally managed to have that site blocked for 2 ISPs. What is in the news now is that they're suing a political party (bad!) about ways to get around the blocks (free marketing!). I belive that their actions actually result in more piracy.