Why I signed ACTA

Helena Drnovšek Zorko seems to be the ambassador of Slovenia in Japan and occupy other public functions. I will take for granted that she was elected by the people (can someone confirm this?). She signed the ACTA treaty on behalf of Slovenia.

Now, she apologizes for signing it:

Her excuses are:
1) She didn't understand what she signed
2) She still don't know if she had other options than signing it.

First, I want to congratulate her for admitting her mistake publicly. We are all humans. We may be tired, we may not understand the importance of something. As long as you admit your mistake honestly, I don't see how we can blame her.

Second, the state of our democracy is now really scary.

Someone, representing a whole country, is required to sign a document to engage her country is something.
- How the hell is it possible that it is not analysed by lot of analysts, that several people read and understand carefully what is at sake ?
- How can it be possible that she doesn't know if she had the choice ! The process is designed is such a way that anybody elected will just be a puppet signing documents.
- She realized her mistake a few day after the signature. How can it be that it cannot be removed ? For any contract, you can always retract if you can show that the contract was misleading. She is representing the power. People handing her the paper and the pen are nothing regarding to the people. How is it possible that retracting is not even an option ?

Can it still be called democracy ? If yes, where is the demos part ?
On Thursday, 26th January, 2012, I signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) on behalf of the Republic of Slovenia, following the directive and authorisation of the Slovenian government. A...
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