+GTG community is crazy those days. A lot of people are willing to help and we have talented designers working on awesome mockups. ( https://live.gnome.org/gtg/Design/Old )

But +Bertrand Rousseau pointed out that we were sometimes lost into the implementation details, that we had to define the core values of GTG.

Following his advice, I started working on GTG's Manifesto:

I'm really proud of it because I was able to find the 4 core values of GTG: relieve you from stress, narrow focus work, wide focus work and anti- procrastination.

For each 4 value, I've identified 4 key feature to implement those values.

From now on, every GTG's improvement should be linked to one of those key feature (maybe we will find missing key feature). For example, improving starting performances is part of "Ensure that entering a new task is dead-easy".

As most of the people that started working on GTG said: "wow, I thought it was a simple software. Managing todo should be easy, GTG looks trivial. But it's really complex."

And I'm proud of that too: looking easy and trivial for the users while being powerful :-)
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