Dear +Google+ ,

Please add a way to subscribe only to a specific language of someone. Currently, I'm spamming half of my followers when I write in French. And the other half when I write in English.

If you see many +1 on this post, it means that users want this feature.


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You can circle them in two circles, one French speaking and one English speaking. I do this for Italian only posts (rare)
I have two different circles: Spanish and English.  People are in one or two circles.  The downside of this workaround is that all my posts are private (well, I do not post very often :-).  For people who only speaks Spanish, is overwhelming if I post in English.
Don't take it wrong but I think this approach is narrow minded.

If I follow you I will quickly realise if you speak a language that I don't!
If it bother me enough then I will unfollow you and the problem is gone

If it doesn't I will continue reading you and might eventually ask google to translate it for me

Basically I don't like language segregation!

that is my opinion in any case :)
I would say their loss ;)

But more seriously have you had people complaining you are spamming them? I mean Really!!!

It is not like you are forcing them to follow you. Again in my opinion if you like someone enough to follow him/her then you have to put up with his/hers particularities

But I think we will have to agree to disagree on this point ;)
No, I didn't received any complain, you are right. I receive sometimes a message asking me to post more in French but that's all. Maybe I'm too concerned ;-)
I think you are too concerned indeed

de toute facon c'est bien connu que les francophones sont toujours a se plaindre ;)
Je ne comprends pas de quoi tu parles. Tu veux bien parler français, stp ?

Please let us define the language we speak and wether we want to dismiss, translate or suffer the other languages once and for all!
+Aurélien Naldi : a different language often means different culture.
Why would you voluntary cut yourself of the chance to learn a new culture?
I don't know may be I am too extreme on that. I can speak both english and french, but if Lionel was speaking Spanish and posting in spanish I think I would still be interested to know what he is talking about.
I mean if I like his posts in French...why shouldn't I like them in Spanish?
+Philippe Le Toquin I also speak both french and english but as much as I would like to learn more languages, I'm fairly bad at it.
My main concern is about my non-english speaking relatives: I can not tell them to follow me here as most of what I share are public posts in english. Thus I can't really use G+ to share private posts in french with closer relatives as they are not here and it would get lost in the crowd of english noise for them.
+Nicolas Rombaut Thanks, but no thanks. Short sentences? Yes. But I'd rather get a dictionary than Google-translated blog posts. I scream everytime a site forces it on me.
+Christian Dywan You do not have to click on "Translate" button. This only is a possibility to translate a message if you do not understand without taking your dictionnary.
Btw, what's a dictionary? This is a long time I didn't use one :-D
After some face to face reflexion in real live with someone in one of my circle... we concluded that the missing feature of G+ is the ability to #tag  post and let your flowers filter your post based on those tag.
Your problem is linguistic and you may want to use #english and #french...
Let's say that I talk about Tennis and eVoting in G+.
I don't know what people follow me. They might be interested in both or just one and consider everything else to be SPAM. So if each user could advertise his namespace of tag and each user could specify wich tag are interesting.
That would solve most problem... but might be complex to use and make accessible in a decent UI.
+David Glaude indeed, tags would solve it and more. But it would also introduce a lot of complexity that can be avoided for the special case of language: if language detection works well, no extra work for the writer and little work for the readers, and it applies to all sources. different writers may use different tags for similar things, or worse change tags over time.