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Free yourself from confusing online marketing software through done-for-you automation that converts more clients.
Free yourself from confusing online marketing software through done-for-you automation that converts more clients.


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-- All roads lead to Rome… and smiling customers! --

If you want to increase your online sales, then there is a question you must answer for yourself and all your visitors.

How available are you?

I’m not kidding!

It can be easy to overlook the Contact page of your website as well as the channels you make available to your prospects and customers to communicate with you.

When people have questions about your products and services you should make it effortless for them to reach out and get an answer. Potential buyers also want to be reassured that you won’t disappear after the sale and that you will be there if they have any issues are require assistance.

If you’ve been reading our weekly online marketing email tips or our blog, then you already know by now that the name of the game is engagement.
Implement one action item from this article to see an increase in smiling customers!

Your prospects have a question in their mind can create a barrier to your sale if left unanswered.
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-- Getting rid of bad apples to avoid contaminating your pool of prospects --

There’s a lot of talk about the size of your list, but that won’t matter if the quality isn’t there.

Did you ever notice how quickly your strawberries will mold over if you leave one bad fruit in your pint?

Your mailing list is not different!

Read on to learn the importance of pruning your mailing list to close more deals by getting your emails seen by the people that love you.
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Let’s face it, most of us have a love and hate relationship with email marketing. If you can master email marketing you will see a noticeable impact on your sales: 40 times more clients than what you get through Facebook and $38 for every $1 you invest according to a report by VentureBeat.

The flip side of this is that we’ve all been annoyed with a storm of spam, overly sales-oriented emails and a bottomless inbox. Who ever taught it was a good idea to send us all those distasteful emails?

You don’t want to be that gal or guy, right?

Not to mention that the art of engaging with your email list can seem mysterious.

Fear not!

I’ve outlined several ways for you to get better results in generating dollars without annoying your email list.

Let’s get started, shall we?
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Ep.0014 - Spirit Animals - Christie Michelsen


Christie Michelsen takes you on an inner journey to uncover how to connect with spirit animals. In the interview she guides you through a meditation and guides you in interpreting the meaning of animals that show up, as well as what to do if nothing happens.

We use a real life example… a dream I had with a pair of dogs! This helps you understand the process to analyzing symbols that appear in your life, dreams and meditation.

Christie ties it all back to the connection with yourself, others and nature. This light-hearted interview is sure to trigger connections between your analytical and creative aspects of yourself.
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Ep.0013 - Spiritual Talks - CJ Ripka


CJ Ripka offers you a free flowing discussion on various aspects of every day life and spirituality.

He is the host of the Raw & Real with CJ Ripka podcast and is the founder of Ripka Media Group which supports podcasters.

Together we delve into the topics of communication, giving, creating and being committed to the people we love.

CJ shares personal stories with the common thread of living in the present moment and being dedicated to learning from every opportunity.

During the interview he shares a simple grounding technique. He also leads me to reflect on my own assumptions which leaves me to an increased awareness of my projections – which I process on air.
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Ep.0012 - Utilizing Dominatrix Energy - Dana Pharant


Dana Pharant makes connections between empowerment and spirituality. She takes the discussion in new territory by exploring the Dominatrix Energy and how that can free you of energy vampires.

She’s a published author, successful business woman AND a master healing. This interview will help you access your personal truth and clear obstacles from your path.

She will also guide you through a technique for you to recognize what is true or false.

Tune in to understand how you can let go of what is depleting you of your energy. She helps you reclaim your truth as you continue your spiritual journey.

How would your life be different if you became aware that some of the ‘negative’ thoughts and beliefs… were not actually yours?

Listen to the show to find out!
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Ep.0011 - Awakening Process and Space of Enlightenment - Sheikh


Sheikh’s interview is about the awakening process and returning to a space of enlightenment. This 25 year old spiritual visionary entrepreneur starts out by bringing in many concepts to the table such as archetypal cycles, enlightened flow, free will and destiny.

Then we delve into each of these concepts and walks us through an example using the relationship with his father.

The discussion on transcendence of the cycles, the heroes journey as well as integration will likely illuminate many aspects of your journey.

In the later part of the show Sheikh goes right to the heart as he states that service to others is of vital importance to our highest calling.

Listen to the show to sink deeper into your personal path and learn Sheikh’s technique for seeing the mirror through relationships, and leave us a review if you enjoyed the show.
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Ep.0010 - Ecstasy in Christ - Mark Rist


Mark Rist is the founder of Theo Minds LLC, a religious organization founded for the purpose of helping people be united to Jesus Christ in a mystical union of divine love. This interview is anything but what you expect.

Mark talks about Ecstasy in Christ… and makes connections with Hinduism, shamanism, the Tao Te Ching, Sufi whirling dances, and the journey to transcend the physical world.

This leads him to share with you a technique of prayer that resembles mantras that are chanted by yogis.

What is the end point of faith?

Mark discusses this very sensitive topic and blissful love, baptism and original sin. Regardless of your path this interview is sure to deepen your reflection on your personal journey.
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Ep.0009 - Releasing Fear - Thuy Tran


In this episode of The Spiritual Voice we have the beautiful and lovely Thuy Tran. I had the delight of connecting her through the Spiritual Entrepreneur Hangout Facebook group which she leads.

She is a master of manifestation and takes people on a journey for more happiness and abundance in our lives. Today we’ll be talking about releasing fears, a topic which I am all too familiar with. I’m pleased to introduce her to you.

Thuy Tran guides you through a process for clearing fears by guiding your host Pol Cousineau on air. As she walks him through the steps you receive guidance to complete the process on your own.

This episode gets very personal as Pol shares some of his core fears around The Spiritual Voice and Thuy links it to childhood abandonment stories.

Thuy provides you with several other techniques to clear fears for you to tap into your divine guidance. What benefits can you expect and how will this influence your spiritual journey?

You’ll have to tune in to find out… and be guided through the practice which will give you first hand answers to these questions!
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Ep.0008 - Balance and Minimalism - Joe Pardo


Joe Pardo is a public speaker, host of Dreamers Podcast and 5 other shows, a published author and founder of Your Dream Platform online business school.

In this interview we talk about balance, minimalism and the impact of your space on your life. We make connections with spirituality and how you can dream your reality into existence.

Listen for a fresh take on spirituality that is practical in every sense. Learn a simple technique to clear your mental space to reduce friction from your life and achieve your highest potential.
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