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Fully guaranteed Seminars, Training & Consultancy in Social Media & Marketing, designed to help businesses achieve
Fully guaranteed Seminars, Training & Consultancy in Social Media & Marketing, designed to help businesses achieve

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Live Video - not sure whether to use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or even why you might want to use one over another?

Then this excellent summary by +MeetEdgar is just what you need, clearly explaining the pros & cons of each...

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Email video previews: ever wondered why some look better than others in your inbox? No..?!

Then take a look at what's involved to make them look better and then next time, you might appreciate it a bit more! :)
Step by step on implementing a better video preview in your emails.

Wow - bloody clever stuff! Good work by +Stig Morten Myre

#emailmarketing #emailgeeks

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Quoting guarantees on your marketing material?

If so, suggest you check out this helpful 5-tips guide from the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) - and look out for how much difference a d can make when it's added to the word, guarantee...

PS Thanks +Dennis Brown for sharing it via Twitter :)

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"No, it's okay - we're not selling anything..." would go on our list of top-ten lies!

#telemarketing   #nuisancecalls   #tps  
Sugging - another tele-marketing practice that I detest...

Selling Under the Guise of research (yep, I know - rubbish acronym!)

Good to see action being taken by the +Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), though I wish there were fines involved, too.

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Client data - does it belong to you or the company you work for?

Best you check before you take it with you when you leave!

Thinking of taking your client-data with you when you move jobs..?

Might want to re-think that following a recent judgement (and fine!) from Telford Magistrates’ Court...

#dataprotection #PECR #GDPR

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Nothing like a well thought-out 'from' address to add to the impact of your marketing spam emails

And yep, selling meds from a funeral home is nothing like a well thought-out anything!
Ever wondered if your average spammer was plain-stupid?

Using a funeral home email as your 'from' address when sending your dodgy-meds emails would seem to confirm it!

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Way to be successful at #SEO? Take a holistic approach

via @Marketingland

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"5 Rules of Engagement" of Online Content
#2 TL;DR
Uhm, I'll stop there then!
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