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Pim van Pelt
Dad, Enjoyer of Food and Drink, RC Pilot, Tinkerer, and Friend.
Dad, Enjoyer of Food and Drink, RC Pilot, Tinkerer, and Friend.

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Lazy plus,

Marina just got a letter from Swisscom informing her that her contract is being canceled "because of product renewals" and replaced by a CHF 80,- per month new "offer". She is paying CHF 35,- per month today.

What alternatives are there for a 250MB/mo and 10 SMS/mo and 30min/mo (approx) usage? We like roaming at reasonable costs in EU and US, mostly data. She currently pays 39 CHF for 1GB for 30d while traveling.

Who knows of a better offer than 80/mo ?

Nostalgia :) Looking at SixXS servers, here's the top10 uptimes:

Daemon uptime: 901 days 01:41:44 826 days 00:32:10 826 days 01:02:11 826 days 00:27:25 821 days 18:36:37 821 days 18:39:21 821 days 18:39:25 821 days 18:40:08 821 days 18:45:04 802 days 23:07:44

Server uptime: 1893 days 00:05:17 1876 days 06:59:03 1610 days 17:44:19 1581 days 15:17:46 1260 days 01:49:58 1082 days 06:05:18 1082 days 06:00:58 1064 days 10:04:58 879 days 23:33:28 802 days 23:09:10

Time to turn these suckers off! #SixXS #Sunset

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I made a thing for Alexis :) 16x5x5 bearing and some filament. Hours of joy!
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For +Sergio Salvi​ with love.

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I finally did it! I've been planning layovers with a little bit of time in new countries with the intent to grab a few geocaches. In Istanbul, this was hard because of the laptop ban and extra security, not giving enough time. In Doha, I was traveling with family and unsure if I should leave them to go on an adventure. Now in Copenhagen I've done it!

N+2 geocaches found and N+1 travelbugs delivered to Europe (one from Australia and one from America).

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Some STEM quality time with Alexis: building miniature rockets!
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Alexis is ready! Marina is ready! I'm ready! A BEAUTIFUL A380 QR909 SYD-DOH, 14:50h 
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ZRH-DOH-SYD, first leg 6h, second leg 14h. Will arrive on Thursday at 18:40 in Sydney. Wish us luck :+)

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Alexis helped me build a thing! An ESP8266 touchscreen which will be used to control the lights in our house. She's getting really good at soldering, soon she will likely be better at it than I am :)

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Colleagues, friends,

In 1999, Jeroen and I started SixXS, a project which aimed to provide
IPv6 connectivity to users who wanted to learn about the network
protocol and gain experience operating IPv6 networks. Our vision was
to facilitate migration to IPv6 in content and access providers.

We were able to provide IPv6 to 50’000+ individual users and companies
in 140+ countries, using servers hosted at 40+ Internet providers in
30+ countries. We are incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished
together, and how many people have gotten to know all about IPv6 due
to our combined efforts.

We have completed a retrospective and rationale document, which
details our experience developing and operating the SixXS tunnelbroker
over the last 18 years. We have worked through our plans with the many
dedicated ISPs that have been involved:

We have reached out to users recently, giving them 6 weeks to make
alternative plans. We have chosen a somewhat symbolic date of
2017-06-06 to turn down the SixXS service. Our website will remain as
a tombstone.

Please feel free to pass this along to any group or list you feel
would benefit from it, and reach out to <> or to myself
directly <> if you have thoughts you’d like to share
between now and then.

Kindest Regards,
Pim van Pelt and Jeroen Massar (SixXS founders)

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