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The popular and inexhaustible source of entertainment in the Strasbourg-Saint-Denis region offers Parisians and guests of the capital a bourgeois-bohemian alternative to the modern bars of Paris. If you belong to the tribe of night owls or bright moon and inexplicable vexation of spirit does not allow to fall asleep, get help from Paris escort service and, together with a beautiful girl start to an unforgettable journey through the night bars Strasbourg-Saint-Denis.

Cocktail Bar: Chez Jeannette
If you do not know what makes the old bar in the most popular place for night owls to check out the Chez Jeannette, where you will find irresistible retro environment contemporary live music and a long list of the floor of drinks and cocktails. This small bar begins to fill with people from filing aperitif time and achieves the highest amplitude to 22-30 nights when DJs start a solo program of musical improvisation.

The atmosphere is so relaxed and laid-back that every night it looks like a party organized by a private person. Not to get drunk too soon, do not hesitate to order a dish of sausages and cheeses, they are delicious and look good both at the tables and at the bar.

Underground Bar: Le Syndicat
When traveling through the streets of Strasbourg-Saint-Denis, be extremely careful, especially in the area of ​​the metro station Bonne Nouvelle. In the center of the district, behind the showcase disguised with a set of bright posters is a bar Le Syndicat, which relies on the art of French liqueurs. You want to go back to the bourgeois environment of our ancestors, be sure to visit a bar, and be sure to book «Le Sudiste», a cocktail which, according to experts, combines the charm of the French liqueurs.

An unusual place: Le Mauri7
Kitsch Bar, where the walls adorn posters and covers of popular music albums, and the red neon resistant bartenders team offers its visitors the most unusual cocktails. The background of the bar is ultra-warm, and the atmosphere is informal and friendly. Here it is good to have a rest with friends or a girl, or it is possible and with a wonderful companion escort Paris. It's not at all necessary to go to the bar for a fresh cocktail, waiters are within reach, so service, as well as music, is above all praise.

Cocktail Bar: La Petite Chaufferie
A special place for those who even at parties prefer cocktails with a prefix of bio. In this bar all bio, and the slogan is translated as - there is electro, listen to bio. As you understand the menu alcoholic and non-alcoholic bio-cocktails, and on hearing the fashionable today is electro music.
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The time of rest and summer holidays in Paris is inextricably linked with music. This is a period of grandiose musical festivals, a tour of world stars, open-air performances and the magic of Versailles, whose fountains, every Saturday, are sung by the sweet serenade of the night in the splendor of lights.

Entertainment events are distinguished by their grandeur and eccentricity, considering that the routes of world tours of the most popular performers pass through mythical Parisian scenes such as Olympia, Zenith de Paris, the Palace of Congresses and Bercy Arena.

And this June was no exception, preparing fans of music and women's beauty a lot of pleasant surprises. For those who desperately need a wonderful companion, we recommend using the services of Paris escort service, and for passionate music lovers we will open the secret of grandiose concert programs of June.

On June 16, Paris will greet two world celebrities Lenny Kravitz and Lara Fabian. Alas, fans will have to choose, because two such big stars will perform simultaneously, though at different venues.

A fatal night in the company of a true showman, whose hits American Woman and I Belong To You still are not out of fashion invites to hold Accor Hotels Arena. And to listen to the powerful voice of the unbeatable Lara Fabian, representing her new, fully English-language album Camouflage offers Zénith.

In the twentieth of June, Accor Hotels Arena will present rock ballad fans with an unforgettable encounter with the legendary Scorpions, which will present their new 20 album, which includes the best compositions of this genre as part of the international tour Crazy World.

It seems that Accor Hotels Arena in June will become the center of the pilgrimage of Parisians and guests of the capital and not only those who love music. On June 29, as part of the European tour, those who managed to book tickets will be able to watch an extreme show called FAST AND FURIOUS LIVE.

In the program choreographic tricks on cars performed by the world elite of stuntmen and the best representatives of parkour. The original connection of 3-D projections, special effects, extreme drive and full immersion in the world of acrobatic stunts on cars, challenging the laws of physics.

An event that, like Paris escort, belongs to the elite and which can not be missed, because only 23 cities of the world can enjoy it. Such gifts of destiny should not be missed.
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Paris does not get tired of reading, admiring and promoting art in all its manifestations, from painting, fashion to music and architecture. The living embodiment of this passionate and mutual admiration can be considered Louis Vuitton Foundation building, lovingly called the temple of crystal. Under the shadow of the twelve glass sails, from a distance resembling a floating iceberg surrounded by greenery, is a mini-complex, home to museums of all kinds of modern art.

And if you are one of those people who prefer to keep up with the times, you should definitely visit this fabulous mini Paradise. For those who can not do without a personal guide or interpreter, lovely companion happy to provide support services as VIP escort Paris.

Floating under a transparent sail the temple is a unique combination of innovative technologies, unbridled imagination and creativity. A truly amazing journey awaits you. Moreover, several unique events are planned on the territory of the Fund for the may holidays.
Jazz lovers will enjoy the musical program "Piano Jazz Sessions", which will be attended by both world-class masters such as chick Corea and young, but won the respect of talents. The series consists of four concerts, offering the viewer to enjoy various variants of spontaneous jazz improvisations on the piano.

On may 4, the Foundation invites everyone to discover the universe of Kawaii, or to understand the true meaning of the word charming performed by representatives of various fields of art from Japan. The universe is represented by funny characters and bright, colorful compositions of the artist Takashi Murakami, who will be helped to maintain a positive mood of Japanese DJs and music band Kero Bonito.

A heartfelt journey also offers micro-visits to Kawaii, terraces, grottoes and galleries where you can make yourself Kawaii (lovely) life-affirming souvenir.

And in between, try the cocktails sparkling with all the colors of rainbow or enjoy a luxurious dinner with Japanese influence accompanied by Paris escort service.

The menu promises fish consomme with tofu, wakame and shrimps, pork tenderloin with miso and gariguette strawberries with verbena and ice cream for dessert.

Even if you are briefly in Paris Louis Vuitton Foundation is one of the best places where the mind and soul rest from the insane race of modern life.
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The flow of visitors to Paris with the arrival of spring only increases and the capital does not get tired of offering its admirers more and more entertainment, exhibitions and concert programs for any, even the most demanding taste.
And the fact that you do not have a suitable company, and you do not know French, does not serve as a reason to deny yourself the pleasure, to visit the most interesting events of spring. Just Paris call girls and in a short time you will have not only a pleasant company in the face of a beautiful young lady, but also a personal guide, assistant, assistant, who will take care of all your rest. You will only have to point the direction and wholeheartedly enjoy the upcoming journey accompanied by a worthy companion.
In the middle of spring, the capital decided to find out the opinion of the artistic bohemian "Why live in the city." It is the work on this topic, presented by French and international galleries, will be at the upcoming Urban Art Fair exhibition that includes a whole series of new artistic trends. If you are not indifferent to this topic, do not forget to attend the event, which, in addition to exhibitions, promises sessions of autographs, installations and performances.
If your interests lie in the field of design, Paris again invites those wishing for a grandiose fair to personalize your own home. On it you will find everything you can imagine for your most grandiose projects: furniture, decor, ideas for decorating a table or landscape of a country villa.
This, as for the main sector of the fair. Other sectors will represent fashion, culture of different countries of the world, gastronomy, leisure and wine. If you want to be aware of the most fashionable trends in the world this year - you should definitely visit it.
Of course, the list of bright events is unlimited only by these events. The exhibition of Pablo Picasso Guernica's work is expected, which will present the sketches made by the artist during the writing of the picture and the incendiary show "Hairspray" by the acclaimed film of the same name, the international exhibition of works by young photographers and much more.
So order escort Paris in the best agency of this city and have fun in one of the most interesting capitals of the world.
Especially since spring is gaining momentum and it is already possible to make long excursions around the city, visit the famous metropolitan parks and of course rest from impressions in numerous bars and restaurants with the most exquisite cuisine in the world.
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Although the spring is still not in a hurry to pamper the French capital with real warmth, the stream of guests does not dry out. And hot exotic beaches, many visitors prefer Paris, which attracts an abundance of art exhibitions and festivals of international level.

And in order not to miss the most interesting, book tickets in advance and organize even a short-term rest, use the services of agency to order elite Paris escort girls.

Well, the choice of the most interesting program is yours. If you are a fan of painting and do not get tired of discovering new names in art, be sure to visit "Salon du dessin", where from March 21 there is a unique collection of paintings on paper.

The exhibition consists of more than 1000 works of painters, mainly Italian and French schools and in addition to the works of the world-famous maestro, young talents will be represented in it, those who will form this area of art in the future.

For those who want to not only enjoy art, but also to get some of the paintings for themselves, it's worth to visit the 12th DRAWING NOW art fair in Le Carreau du Temple, where two works of 400 international artists from 2000 will be exhibited at two levels of international galleries different corners of the world.

The avid collectors, professionals or just lovers will be interested in Pavillon des arts et du design, which, from April 4, invites you to the next five-day exhibition of contemporary art objects kindly provided by various galleries.

This year you can add to your collection not only works of painters, but also treasures of jewelry art or ceramics.

In the beginning of spring the capital offers not only a collection of entertainment events. Since April 5, Salon du Running hospitably opens the doors to both professional athletes and business people whose business is closely related to sports.

In the program of a three-day exhibition of novelties in the world of sports equipment and materials for runners, trainings, health programs, recipes for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and much more. So, if you plan to attend the Paris call girls event in order to invite a charming and sensible young girl as a personal secretary, and in combination, a professional interpreter.

This will help not to miss any important details, and after a serious event to spend the evening in a pleasant company. The benefit of the capital has never been stingy on interesting proposals.
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Winter finally gives up the position and the French capital is more than happy to stretch the stagnant muscles during the cold. Paris moves to spring time and from the middle of March lives in the rhythm of numerous festive events.

So do not be surprised at the increased spring activity, and even if a visit to this city takes you a few days off, do not miss the brightest events. And in order not to lag behind life and not feel lonely, contact the agency Privilege to choose as a companion or personal guide one of the seductive ladies from Paris escort girls.

And if you, like most Parisians, missed active activities and love sports, go to one of the sporting events, which are so rich in the spring capital.

Only three days from March 16th to 18th, Saut Hermès invites to an elite show of the highest level of competition, which qualifies as the CSI 5 * International Equestrian Federation. The most beautiful jumps in the world are expected through the most difficult obstacles.

Three days will pass 9 rounds, and on Sunday the prestigious Grand Prix of the competition awaits visitors, which, due to the height of obstacles and technical requirements, promises to be not only the most difficult, but also the most spectacular. And closer to the night, the competition will give way to a fantastic horse show.

Those who prefer to feel the power of a horse under the hood of a car and like the old mechanic should postpone their visit to April so as not to miss the 27th tour of Auto Optic 2000. This year it will be led by Italian brands, returning viewers in the days of models from Autobianchi, De Tomaso or Osca.

It's okay if the sports events do not attract you very much, in the program of March there are also festivals dedicated to music, art and gastronomy. Accompanied by the Paris girls escort, you can go to the 13th Omnivore Festival at Maison de la Mutualité, this year's young cooking. In the three-day menu: dinners, tastings, master classes and many pleasant surprises.

And fans of design and crushing Parisian fashion will not give up a new round at Cité de la Mode et du Design, a state-of-the-art building that represents the avant-garde in the world of fashion and design. At the end of the event, it is so nice to relax on the terrace, or dine in one of the city's two most fashionable restaurants.

Relax with taste and remember, the wonderful companions will help you not to miss any of the wonderful views of March.
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An excellent wine is a visiting card of Paris, and champagne and beautiful women are its elite reserve. And if you have a special occasion for the holiday and want to celebrate it with a bit of romance, French chic and VIP service, we advise you to visit the most romantic bars or restaurants of the city, specializing in champagne wines, in the company of the charming model from Privilege escort Paris.

A beautiful woman as a companion will not only be a pleasant decoration for the holiday, but will also provide the services of a personal guide when necessary, an interpreter, and if necessary, the organizer of a romantic trip. You will only have to choose a place that perfectly suits your tastes.

And we, for starters, offer to visit one of the first bars specializing in Le Dokhan's champagne at the Tribute Portfolio. The situation fully corresponds to the specialization, and the intimacy of the atmosphere is ensured by a luxurious interior decorated in golden green tones, identical to that of the VIII century.

In the program more than 200 varieties of elite drink and a whole team of sommeliers, which will allow you to decide on a choice.

Each week, new varieties appear in the wine list, tastings are held in the evenings, and evenings once a month. To have enough space to try at least part of the rich choice and not get drunk on the menu, light snacks are provided.

No less interesting place will seem La Grande Dame by Veuve Clicquot bar in the hotel complex Sezz, whose name is timed to the prestigious harvest of the famous house Veuve Clicquot under the name "grande dame".

Champagne in it takes an honorable place, but there is also a cocktail menu. The elegant quiet atmosphere is complemented by music, and the black and red tones in the decoration dominate the windows. Private space for loving couples provide alcoves from the petals of roses.

Do not miss the best "champagne cellar" at Dilettantes. One of the new popular establishments offering 125 rare authentic varieties of elite drink. Each bottle in it is unique and has its own information sheet.

Paris call girls, if you want a special date for you to turn into a bright, pleasant and charming holiday. And stay in the French capital was another discovery, new interesting places, unusual tastes and uncharted entertainment.
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How many times would you not have visited Paris, if you are a fan of modern art, you simply can not avoid visiting his temple Pompidou Center. And for fans who like to enjoy art in a good company, we recommend a pleasant companion from Paris escort, so that they share their impressions and have a personal interpreter on hand.

The building, constructed on the initiative of President Georges Pompidou, is a model of modern and innovative architecture, whose facade, like a motley ribbon, is decorated with red, yellow and green canals. Looking eccentric object is a glass and steel structure of seven floors, not counting the terrace and mezzanine.

And in its bowels is the National Museum, the Institute of Acoustic and Musical Research, a free library, many exhibition halls, as well as cafes, restaurants and even a cinema.

But the most interesting is the exhibitions that are unusual, they represent the work of the most talented people from all over the world and practically monthly pamper fans with unusual spectacular expositions.

And if the date of your visit to Paris falls on March, be sure to check into the hall of modern photography, where the exhibition Brumberg and Chanarin Divine Violence takes place.

You will find 57 unique frames linking scenes of violence from different chapters of the Bible to real incidents in the modern world.

For those who want to learn how to make a sculpture from industrial waste, recyclable materials and inspiration, an exhibition of the world famous sculptor, who is called the man of "Welded Iron" Cesar, is open till the end of March.

Admirers of modern design should look into the design hall, where 5000 thousand unique pieces of furniture, created by people who have already gained popularity, are collected at the moment.

Not less than the interesting owners of modern gadgets will also find a media center, which includes 160 multimedia installations and more than 2,000 works in the format of video recordings, soundtracks, and websites created since 1963. Such a collection you will not see anywhere else in the world.

Enjoy the art and Paris call girls, if after an intellectually spent day you will want active entertainment, such as visiting nightclubs, dancing parties or romantic walks around the city. The city of beauty and fashion, as always unique, but enjoying its gifts, is better in a pleasant company than in solitude.
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Although the most romantic day of the year has already passed the scent of love experiences, like refined French perfumes, is still present on the streets of the most elegant city in the world. He finds it difficult to resist.

And if romance, this is what you need now, maybe it's worth to relax a bit too tight knot of a tie, take off a business jacket, Paris call girls, find a worthy companion and at least a couple of hours to escape from the usual fuss.

And go to start in Belleville, the so-called Chinatown, to work up a healthy appetite in one of the beautiful parks of Buttes de Chaumont. Where there are caves and waterfalls, exotic trees, cobbled paths, a suspension bridge and an artificial lake. He is considered one of the largest in the city, and Parisians adore him for his charm and originality.

And on the way to the park look at one of the largest markets in the district to buy fresh baguette, a pair of tender croissants, slices of Parma ham or traditional cheese and a romantic picnic in one of the picturesque lawns.

And if you do not want to go to the park, you should take a stroll with your companion through the narrow streets of Montmartre, and before reaching the top of the hill, stop at the steps of Sacre Coeur, in the place where the bohemian artists and traveling musicians gather. And maybe order a portrait, who knows, you may be lucky, and a painted portrait in the future will turn out to be a great work of art.

And if you have already appeared in this area, be sure to take a picture against the backdrop of a 40 meter wall, laid out of blue slabs. The phrase "I love you", written in different languages, adorns every millimeter of the wall area.

As a place for romantic walks the Seine embankment is suitable, along which there are about 30 unique bridges offered by the city. And if you want to make a wish and be sure that it will come true, you should go under Pont Marie or a bridge of lovers.

Well, finish the day, accompanied by Paris luxury escorts, followed by a traditional candlelight dinner. French gastronomy is able to please everyone without exception tastes. It does not matter that it will be one of the oldest restaurants in the world, Lapérouse or L'Alcazar, an old cabaret, turned into a minimalist brasserie with delicious specialties of the new cuisine. In any place you are guaranteed excellent service, luxurious dishes and an atmosphere filled with love and romance.
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Privilège - upscale escort service in Paris. Formed in 1997 by a well-placed group of investors in an offshore location, Privilege originally was set up to cater for only a small group of people who all knew each other - pretty good! And from there began to grow.
Today we make agreements on a global basis, and we open our doors to the high-profile men who are looking for luxury escorts in Paris.

Privilège is a professional company offering a personal and professional service, catering to an AAA client list from around the world providing the most beautiful female companions from the world of Modelling, Film and the Music Industry.
It attracts those with a certain style and appreciation of things money can buy and things which money cannot buy, such as discretion, loyalty and a first class service, second to none. Think of us as the "Swiss Bank" of the pleasure industry.
Privilège has created a specific niche lifestyle for the rich and famous, offering an adventure of a lifetime with no complications or ties, with a beautiful companion to accompany you to any occasion.

VIP Escort Paris Club
has a strike to sophisticated, high-quality personal approach to customers; the name Privilege means professionalism and competence in the field of escort services. This is an expensive, chic club, whose members are successful businessmen, politicians, celebrities.

We know how precious is the free time of a business person, so we are ready to turn every minute of your free time to an unforgettable experience.
Paris is a city of luxury and rich life without limits, and Privilege Agency is here to offer the best female companions - VIP Paris Escort Girls, Elite and glamourous ladies, escorts of high society.
We attach a great importance to the club's prestige and reputation of the client, so Privilège guarantees absolute confidentiality.

Paris Luxury escort service Privilège is an elite escort club for a narrow circle of well-being business people. You can order a high-class escort model to accompany you during business meetings, high-status events or private parties. Privilège Club has no competitors in the field of elite escort in Paris. Posh companions and luxury escort models from Privilège agency are an example of the highest standards of escort service.
Do you appreciate your time, authority and prestige? Privilège agency is here to meet even the most demanding requests. Our luxury Paris escort girls will surprise their beauty, stylish and seductive outfit, astonish by their charm and education.
Business dictates its own rules. Modern life requires to take a risk and to be always in the center of the action. It causes stress and tension. In order to distract of hard working days, take a dip into the world of passion and relaxation in the capital of love - Paris.

Our exclusive gallery of top escorts in Paris will help to select the lady of your dreams.
Paris luxury escorts from the Privilège Club are educated, know the rules of social etiquette and always behave approachable in any situation. They can speak several foreign languages and know well men psychology. Each VIP Escort Girl performs her task accurately - offers the ultimate pleasure and relaxation.
Each model has a luxurious wardrobe, exclusive jewelries and accessories, radiates a moderate smell of high-class perfume. Our beautiful escort top models are perfect in every detail of their look, they enchant and inspire. The ladies possesses sexy fit body, shiny skin, ample curves, aristocratic appearance, beauty and feminine grace. They are right companion for a gentleman from the upper class.

For years, VIP escort Paris Club Privilège caters the most demanding customers. Our specialty is the organization of unforgettable, exclusive, posh leisure in Paris. Our professional and experienced managers can help you to order a dinner in an elegant restaurant in Paris, book a room in a luxurious hotel or organize a city tour in a posh car, and a companion of luxury escort model that will make your wishes come true.

Our main concept: We do not require a bulk clientele, we cater only to the wealthy, who are discerning and gentlemanly. In return you will be treated like a prince ...
Enjoy a taste of Paris life in the fullest!
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