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My Favorite Thing To Do With My Mommy
My 4yr old made me a banner at school this week for Mother's Day.  It had a sweet hand print, an adorable picture of him and a statement about his favorite thing to do with his mommy.  I was all smiles until I got to the end of it.  "My favorite thing to do...

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A Wet Hot American Post-Kids Friday Night
Ok, so it’s 7:22pm on a Friday night. Let me guess. You and
your spouse are finishing up bedtime with the kids and fantasizing. Not of a
romantic dinner out and hours of nookie after. No, no, no, the post-kids Friday
night fantasy goes a little differently....

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Making Breastfeeding Work At Work
Ask any nursing mama who is looking down the barrel of her
return-to-work date what she is most anxious about and she will probably say
continuing to breastfeed while working. It’s a major source of anxiety and
stress that forces many to quit breastfeeding ...

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Mommy Tracked
It is Thursday at 1:59pm and I am watching an April rain storm from my sunroom with a piping hot cup of tea in hand.  The kids are upstairs napping and I am sitting in peace, happily writing.  I didn't wake up 2 hours before my kids did this morning, I didn...

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I don't hate the winter, in theory.  There's something so peaceful and quiet about it.  A nice break in the year after an every-weekend-is-booked summer, a hustle start to the fall which, for us, includes a million birthdays and runs straight into Halloween...

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You're not 1 yet
I just ordered the cake, so I guess it's're turning 1.  I'm not sure how it happened.  It was yesterday that I wrote [LINK], and now here you are; this sweet, joyful little person who bounces his butt to Taylor Swift,  is in love with a mang...

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On Sleep Training (just kidding)
Who else is sick of reading judgy parenting articles, and then the articles and social media posts judging the judgy parenting articles?  I can hardly stand it anymore, so I have to go on an ironically judgy rant.  I belong to a couple of those FB mom-group...

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Tell the truth Experienced Moms and Dads, do you ever walk by the couples who are clearly expecting their first know the ones - they are euphorically walking hand-in-hand (in the city, because that's where they still live), leisurely perusing ba...

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Remember When
I think I'm officially in a new era.  It started to hit me after having my first kid, but at that point we still lived in the city and we still mostly ran around with the same crowd, many of whom were still single.  But now, 2 kids and a move to the suburbs...

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The New Normal
After almost 15 weeks at home with my two kids, I'm officially back at work.  I was riddled with angst in the weeks leading up to "the day."  The thought of coming back made me physically nauseous, made me regularly cry.  I just couldn't imagine actually wa...
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