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I really like this cover. It's very eye pleasing and quite a departure from previous album covers. I'm OK with that though. Interesting that there isn't a person on it. Gish through Zeitgeist had people on them and I always thought it was intriguing (of course, you can't count EPs and such).
What a great picture, I have good feelings about this record.
Colour scheme chosen for this cover is fantastic.
I'm so excited! June can't come quick enough! 
i´m sdo happy about that album...!!! so much looking forward to it :) ♥
what will be first single, and when will we get it?
Really looking forward to this one! loved the gig in Sheffield last year!
Always look forward to what Mr. Corgan is doing.....Can't wait to get a copy of the new album and crank it up on my Yamaha receiver!:-)
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