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Still thinking about getting a PS4, but having a newborn means I'll miss a console launch for the first time in several generations.

Is anyone else interested in Bungie's Destiny? That's a game that I hold out irrational hope that it will come to PC. I imagine, however, that I will be likely playing it on PS4.

I'm replaying the Mass Effect trilogy for the heck of it. Instead of my male Paragon I'm doing a renegade FemShep.

Anyone else been replaying this game recently? I disliked the original ending, I'm hoping the revised one is at least a little better.

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This article has some neat little tidbits in it. Sony considering multiple subscription levels suggests what we've been discussing: some features of the PS4 would be on different cost tiers. I imagine the higher tiers will contain the video sharing stuff. We can only hope that multiplayer remains free for the sake of the platform. It might not be terribly relevant in my case as I imagine I'll maintain a PS+ subscription to continue access to the Instant Game Collection, at whatever level that's priced at. It's too handy for my Vita as it currently stands.

I love my PSVita. I feel like it doesn't get a fair shake as far as portable systems go. I realize that the memory cards are priced stupidly, but outside that the system is really without discernable fault.

All games released on media are also required to be day one available downloads, which is an intelligent position for Sony to take. Being able to play PSP and PS1 games on my Vita increases it's value to me, as I can play a PS1 game on my PS3, move the save to my Vita, and continue playing while on the go.

Anyone else love this little system from Sony?

So, despite it being rather pointless to begin the comparisons between PS4 and whatever they call the next Xbox until after April and we see something of what the new Xbox will do, let's talk about them.

What did you guys think of the PS4 reveal? Asmo was less than impressed but I'm more optimistic that the PS4 may be the console I go with for this generation. Going down the x86 based APU route is a step in the right direction, with the previously noted issues developers had with developing for Cell. I think consoles having serious core hardware issues will hold back the maximum possible performance in games, as devs will build their games to whatever base level of performance they can wring out of all possible platforms in a cost effective manner. PC gamers will like that the consoles are more PC like as that should improve the PC ports. On top of these things, 8GB of GDDR5 is absolutely impressive.

I'm hoping to see games natively rendered in 720p or 1080p rather than 650 or whatever and then upscaled.

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