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Keri Haywood
Creating and perfecting the written face of your business, one word at a time.
Creating and perfecting the written face of your business, one word at a time.

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Working away....

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People, this is a super important cause. Let's put an end to children being forced into the LRA. Support Kony2012, and let's make him so famous that he's found.

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If you are a US citizen, sign up for the petition AND contact your local Representative!

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This is very true. The more I am around an adult dog, the more I am intrigued by her full personality and laugh at her quirky predictable traits. Puppies are cute, but the personality of an adult dog is the best, in my opinion.

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New Profile Pic courtesy of MCSPhoto.

I am officially old, folks. Instead of the night owl/sleep late person I used to be, I have discovered this week that I feel more rested if I wake up around 730 and go to bed before midnight. I'll do anything to feel more rested, but this is sad as I know it will continue to get earlier and earlier as life plays out.

Goodbye, youth. (taps plays in the distance)

Having a relaxing day... followed by watching the Italian Job with friends tonight at David Lam Park for a close friend's birthday. The only thing that would make today better would be knowing that tomorrow is a stat. ;) 

Nothing quite like delectable white wine, good sushi, a perfectly placed porch, and a good friend on a night like this. 

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I just found this adorable video. I wish that we had done something similar! Ah, Paris...
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