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Mama's High Strung
Mama's High Strung so YOU don't have to be!
Mama's High Strung so YOU don't have to be!

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#Food #Tip: It's National Doughnut Day. Enough said.

#Food #Tip: Donuts around the world: Germany-Berliner. Ghana-Bofrot. Mexico-Buñuelo. Israel-Sufganiyah. Romania-Gogoși. #NationalDonutDay

#Food #Tip: Cheese know-how: Soft cheeses are fresh and mild (unless its a blue), and hard cheeses tend toward salty, nutty, pungent flavors.

#Food #Tip: Greek yogurt has twice the protein of ordinary yogurt but less calcium and may be lower in sugar and carbs than regular yogurt.

#Food #Tip: Remove the skin before eating a store-bought rotisserie chicken to reduce the fat and sodium (even though that's the best part).

#Food #Tip: Pull out your muffin tin and use it to hold condiments, like pickles and mayo, at your #MemorialDay picnic.

#Food #Tip: Adding oil to pasta water does not stop pasta from sticking together. You're just creating an oil slick in the cooking water.

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#Food #Tip: Dips are one of the easiest ways to make whatever you're eating sexier. Try one of these:

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#food #Tip: Fresh basil keeps much better and longer at room temperature with the stems in water.

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Want an easy-to-make dinner that's packed with flavor? Sheet Pan Greek Chicken is a real crowd pleaser!
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