Hi all, I started in SL during the beta in 2003 but didn't get serious about it until around 2005 when my +Fleep Tuque avatar was born.  

My primary focus in SL has been community building and higher education, and you may have heard of some of the projects I've started or worked on, including the Chilbo Community, the Second Life Best Practices in Education Conference (which later renamed to Virtual Worlds BPE), and of course the Second Life Community Convention.  SLCC11 was probably the last time we'll use that name due to licensing issues with the Lab, but AvaCon is planning to expand the convention to include Opensim and other platforms in the coming years under a new name and we have volunteer staff positions open if you're interested, see http://www.avacon.org/ for more info.

In the last couple years, I've begun to feel that Second Life is moving in a different direction than my own priorities and I'm spending less time and tier there than in the past.  I've linked a recent blog post that sums up why I think people who care about the future of the Metaverse need to move beyond Second Life, but I know not everyone agrees with me and that's ok too.  

Despite my feelings about the direction of the platform, the awe I've always felt for the community of people who create the world never diminishes and I'm looking forward to reading more about what everyone is up to these days on this new community channel.  :)
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