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To be honest, once you install one or more badly implemented apps on an Android phone any advances in battery life management seem lost. My nexus 5 on android 6.0 seems pretty much just the same life wise as on lollipop.

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Just watched this. Rather good intro to js debuging

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Insanely useful.

So I have a nexus 5 and the old nexus 7, and I've noticed that every time I install a later version of firmware about a week or two after the device slows down and I have to factory reset. After this its fine for how ever long it is till the next update. Anyone else noticed this or am I just "lucky" that way?

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Now that was a good night! Machine Head... still awesome
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RE The Best of British (this weeks show for anyone that hasn't listened yet).
Always like listening to folks talking about ATMs (especially as a chap currently writing software for them) but one point on chip and pin that no one seems to remember. When the UK moved from signing to chip and pin the banks shifted liability for fraudulent transactions from them (when on the old signing method) to us (on chip and pin) and the retailer (when falling back to signing). 
Was never done for our benefit, all theirs... as usual.

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Just thought I'd point out as I was waiting on this myself. The Android SDK for API 19 now appears to have an x86 system image available. Handy for any AVD you want to run off 4.4.
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