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Paul Singleton
Husband, Father, and Disciple
Husband, Father, and Disciple

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Does the Dallas Makerspace have vacuforming equipment? I'm interested in making a suit of Space Marine Armor and this is the one thing I can't get a hold of.

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Umm. yes.
Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

Oh, hell yeah...  :)

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I'm a little excited...
Influx Film Rights Acquired by 20th Century Fox in Preempt Deal

I'm very pleased to announce that the film rights to my upcoming sci-fi thriller, Influx, have been picked up by 20th Century Fox in a direct studio deal. Thanks to Jason Young and Chris Goldberg at Fox -- I'm excited to be working with you both. And thanks also to Josie Freedman, my agent at ICM Partners, for bringing everyone together.

And for my readers who are still waiting on a film or TV adaptation of Daemon & Freedom™ -- do not despair! This deal only increases the likelihood for a green light on that front, too. :)

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