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Who is representing the rights of individuals on information networks?

Facebook uses "like"s to make tons of money. Was the public sufficiently informed? Maybe not.  Here is the proposed settlement:

. 10M$ to lawyers
. 10M$ to research and advocacy groups
. No compensation to people whose pictures and names were used.
. Facebook can continue.

Luckily the Judge did not consider this reasonable

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Thanks Roni for sharing this! 
Genetic engineers tell why GMO foods are unsafe.

It should bother everyone that nearly all the science conducted on GMO foods is done by companies that sell it.

Recently, two genetic engineers who oppose GMO foods issued a report called GMO Myths and Truths in which they refute claims that GMO foods are safe.

Here's a summary:

Here's the full report:

California is getting ready to vote this year on a proposition to require the labeling of GMO foods. The industry doesn't want you to know which foods are GMO, and they're going to spend a fortune to prevent you from knowing.

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