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Craig Frost (Future Traveler)
Internet technology freak, futurist and Google fanboy
Internet technology freak, futurist and Google fanboy

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What does everyone think of losing Google Now as brand? Now cards are now called Feed and Now On Tap is called Screen Search. 

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What's the deal Google? This is getting old. Pull to refresh fixes it every time but it's a bug. See I'm on wifi and everything. 

Would love it if when using the "Only on Home" paid option that leaving an app and going back home would bring back the notification list. Everything works great the other way (unlocking, after open, screen on, new notification) but right now when I exit an app back to the homes screen, my notifications are not displayed without swiping.

Thank you

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I figured out how to get Floatify to work just OK with ASAP launcher to create a always on notification stream on your home page. It requires purchasing the Pro unlocker $0.99. There is a feature that only displays heads-up notifications on the home screen. Once an app is launched the notifications disappear (staying in the shade for later). That's the feature that made this compelling.

The setup:
1. Heads-up Type = Floating below status bar, Position = Top with Y offset at 11% (I chose to block the ASAP media controls because Floatify has them)
2. Max Heads-up Size (not expanded) 56% allows the app dock to open unobstructed
1. All Notifications Heads-up for everything
2. Only on Home and all other boxes checked
I set mine to forever
Play around with these. I like Android N Dark but I wish there were more defined breaks between each notification panel. I need to see if there's a way to set transparency for the notification panels so we can see our wallpaper through a bit.

A few issues...
1. Floatify thinks all ASAP cards are the home screen so I disabled all the cards (that's just me though since I want this so bad)
2. Same problem for slide out panels for app tray and quick settings
3. Tapping home from an app doesn't show the notifications. You must use a swipe gesture or set a floatee (small floating circle that launches the notifications). I think I will ask the dev to add the ability to bring back the notifications when returning home.

Floatify dev also has a Chathead style sms and email Quickreply app that is pretty nice also but I wouldn't use it with this setup as it gets cluttered and redundant.


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When a new episode arrives it shows media controls but the buttons don't do anything. I would assume pressing play would open Google Play Music app and start playing that episode but nothing happens. 

Any way to have the swipe gesture only work directly over the notification? Currently when a notification peeks at the top and I try to swipe at the bottom of the screen (for another app) it only interacts with the notification. It's like the whole screen is reacting for Floatify. Doesn't seem right.

I would like to request that the Floatee peeks out from the side to match the style of the Quickreply app.

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I know it's been mentioned before but I wanted to make a quick and very dirty mock of what I think it should look like to have notifications inline on the main ASAP card. Many people will argue that notifications are easily accessed from the shade but I firmly believe it could be the most important update to ASAP. Pulling down from the top with your thumb is tedious and an extra step first of all. Second, ASAP is a launcher and what are notifications but a way to interact with and launch apps. You can reply to emails and SMS without launching the apps. It just makes sense to use this real estate for a better mobile workflow. I am still baffled why the stock Google launcher doesn't do this. And for those that don't want to see this mess of notifications covering their background images, they can keep up with their notifications as they come in or this feature could be optional in the settings. I have used the Notify widget before and it's so much easier to just see and act on your notifications with 1 tap or swipe. Looking at all those little icons at the top is maddening!!! Bonus points if you can add filtering like the Snowball app.

Again, ASAP is awesome so far. I paid.

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Not possible that the high for today will be 55 when it's only 7:30am and it's currently 55. No clouds. The high should be in the 90s

Asking Google Now to "open Waze" returns a search for Oakland A's. I did this over and over again. It was even recognizing what I was saying correctly but still pulled up Oakland A's scores. LOL
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