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In last 2 days, three prospective teammates accepted our offer to join Faira!

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With the success of residential real-estate Faira is entering commercial real-estate. Sell your stocks, while the market is high, and invest in this recession proof asset!

Friends, Faira business is growing fast. So we have a lot of openings in Operations, at every level! Please ping me, if you or anybody you know would be great at operations.

Quora sent a Patagonia jacket to me. Thanks Quora!

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Here is another story of the two neighboring homes. This time in California.

Since the transaction has not yet closed, I will not share a lot of details. Instead share what is already public.

The first home came on Faira and the second home is being sold traditionally.…/433-Sylvan-A…/unit-51/home/37088920…/433-Sylvan-Av…/unit-20/home/1033829

Both homes are manufactured homes in senior citizens community. So both the sellers and the buyers have to be senior citizens. Usually such homes take longer to sell.

Indeed, if you look at the second home, it has been listed for a month, and has not yet found a buyer.

On the other hand, Faira listed home found a buyer within a week!

BTW when I worked in Microsoft, in software lingo, I have usually heard of grandma/grandpa test, i.e., can a grandma/grandpa utilize your technology productively. Using Faira is so easy that many grandmas/grandpas have used Faira! It gives us tremendous satisfaction when they can get their desired outcome quickly and save a lot of money. They can make better use of money in their lives.

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Another home in Mountain View :) Looks like a great deal!

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Somebody genuinely asked a question about Faira on Quora,and tagged me.

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A colleague of mine, Brenden Martin, wrote this piece, which is a must read for any first time home buyer.

Also if you are trying to buy in the hot markets in CA or WA state, do not forget that an offer made with Faira has a 40% chance of acceptance vs 25% with a traditional agent. So you get to buy your home sooner with Faira.

Faira is hiring a business analyst.
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