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A new update will soon descend upon Clash of Kings (Android)! In this update, you will be able to customize your account avatar. Here's a list of what's new in the version 1.0.89:

Alliance Territory New Function
 - R4 and Alliance Leader can place Alliance Turret in the map
 - Alliance members can send troops to build Alliance Turret together
 - When Alliance Turret is finished building, all the surrounding area is the Alliance Territory
 - Alliance Turret may be attacked by others, the occupied Turret's Defense will be decreased continuously
 - Alliance members can defend their Alliance Turret together
 - More features of   Alliance Territory will be opened gradually 
 - This function will be opened in each Kingdom gradually

Lord Avatar Customization
 - You can upload a photo with clear facial features as your avatar
 - It is prohibited to use photos which contain insulting, violent and pornographic content, or any kind of political issue and innuendo, racism, religionism and other unreasonable photos .
 - Uploaded avatar will be displayed after our approval

Optimized some values
 - Added new alliance science 'Assisting Hand' to increase the number of alliance help
 - Added new alliance science 'Alliance Defense' to reduce traps losses during battles
 - Added alliance science 'City Defense Construction' of level 1
 - Added alliance science 'Precious Friendship' of level 1
 - Increased the effects of individual Science Strike and Strike III
 - Increased the effect of individual Science Crane 1
 - Reduced  traps losses during battles

Other Optimizations
 - Optimized the Dark Knight Strikes event
 - Optimized coordinates input interface
 - Blessing items can be used in batches. The cumulated free wishing times will not be deleted next day; they will be available in the Wishing Well until you use them.

Hit "+1" & "SHARE", and go to the Settings -> Account to make sure that your castle is saved to your Facebook or Google+. Then you will be able to get FREE 100 GOLD by updating your #ClashOfKings game from Google Play here:

What you guys think about this new update? Tell us in the Comments!
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