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Transhumanism: World’s First Cyborg Neil Harbisson wanted to be able to understand color, so he drilled a hole into his head
Neil Harbisson (born 27 July 1984)  a Catalan-raised, British-born avant-garde artist and cyborg activist based in New York City says "I'm  not wearing technology – I am technology” This interdisciplinary artist who is the world’s first being to be legally ...

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The modular Java 9 is here: Everything you need to know
Java 9—formally, Java Platform Standard Edition version 9—is finally here, and its Java Development Kit (JDK) is available for developers to download. It has several important if controversial new features, but is also the last of the line for the old style...

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Expert Elon Musk Warns: AI 'most likely cause’ of World War III as Putin says the nation that leads in AI ‘will be the ruler of the world’
Artificial Intelligence, AI, is a lovely idea. It helps us translate languages, diagnoses illness more efficiently than a human doctor and finds new music for you based on your previous selections, you could manage your spending with AI. for years, we have ...

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Western Digital CEO apologized to Toshiba for friction over chip unit sale
Western Digital Corp’s ( WDC.O ) CEO apologized to his counterpart at Toshiba Corp ( 6502.T ) for strained ties after the U.S. firm sued to keep their chip joint venture from being sold to rival bidders, according to an Aug. 11 letter. The embattled Japanes...

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Hyundai to bring Longer-Range Hydrogen Fuel-Cell SUV to market in 2018
A fuel cell produces electricity through a chemical reaction, but without combustion. It converts hydrogen and oxygen into water, and in the process also creates electricity. It’s an electro-chemical energy conversion device that produces electricity, water...

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Toshiba Locked in Negotiations Over Memory Chip which is up for sale in an attempt to cover billions in losses from its bankrupt U.S.nuclear division, Westinghouse
(Image courtesy of Toshiba). Toshiba cleared the air on Thursday about the ongoing sale of its memory chip business. Still in the running are groups led by Western Digital, Hon Hai Precision Manufacturing, and Bain Capital and two Japanese government-backed...

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The Optical Wireless Communication Li-Fi which is 100 times faster than WiFi is the Future Broadband Internet
5G Networks could be the next thing in the wireless communication systems as projected in the last Embedded world in Manchester but it could still not be the only next generation wireless communication system emerging as perhaps we can not do without light ...

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A Computer memory uses 1024 Bytes for a KiBiByte and Computer Disk uses 1000 Bytes for a Kilobyte: Now you can stop the confusion of binary and decimal definitions of memories
    Obviously computer engineering and computer science has nothing in common regarding most of the confusions both of them present to each other and to the general public. How?      One of such confusions is the unit of measurement for the basic data unit ...

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WannaCry? Ransomware attack wants you to cry but this is how to stay protected so you do not become a crybaby
Ransomware is attacking all over the world. According to the latest news, this attack has been reached to more than 90 countries and more and more people are being affected by the same. With the expansion of this attack, many organizations and institutions ...

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Android Explore all the amazing stuff that happened at Google IO, Google Lens and VR, Google Assistance and Everything I/O 2017
At its annual developers' conference, Google highlighted how its machine learning and AI technologies informed improvements across all its platforms. In other words, Google Assistant just got a lot smarter and more useful. Like each year Google I/O was held...
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