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Android Support Library 22.1 - ActionBarActivity is dead, long live AppCompatActivity
You’d be surprised how much we can pack into a 0.1 update to the Android Support Library: revision 22.1 includes improvements to Support V4, AppCompat, Leanback, RecyclerView, Palette, and Renderscript.

Support V4 adds drawable tinting to all API4+ devices, the new ColorUtils class makes working with colors easier, and new interpolators have been added to make great animations.

AppCompat gets a remake as we deprecate ActionBarActivity for the new AppCompatActivity, now built on a AppCompatDelegate that can be used to add AppCompat functionality to any Activity. There’s also a new AppCompatDialog, support version of AlertDialog, improvements to widget tinting, and expanded android:theme support.

Leanback now includes a guided step functionality, making it easy to build a multiple step process that looks great on Android TV.

RecyclerView seeks to make life easier with a new SortedList data structure, making it easy to tie a changing set of data to a RecyclerView.Adapter.

Palette is now 6-8 times faster and has a new Builder pattern for constructing Palette instances.

Renderscript improved reliability and performance and adds additional script intrinsic operations, bringing new pre-defined operations to all API 8+ devices.

Check out everything that has been added in this release and download the updated Android Support Library via the Android SDK Manager.

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Yay! Updating build pipelines! 
Today we released the Android 5.1 SDK, an updated version of the Android Lollipop platform. Updates include:

* The introduction of a small set of new APIs, including support for multiple SIM cards, a key update for the regions where Android One is being adopted.
* Improvements to battery life efficiency, underlying performance and the user interface, and enhancements to enterprise to better support the launch of Android for Work.

The Android SDK tools have been updated to support the new platform and new APIs.

More details are available on the Android Developers blog.

#AndroidDev   #androidlollipop  

New Google+ app for android keeps me wondering about future android ui guidelines. Totally inconsistent with other apps. 

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Well played.

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This movie looks like it's going to be hilarious!
"Hey babe, let's hold hands" - Batman

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