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ShopiRater is the only app today that allows Shopify and WooCommerce store owners to set-up and automate incentived-based review campaigns and viral email traffic campaigns that help grow your store and brand for you.

In just a few clicks, you can automate campaigns that give away bonuses, coupons, free products, and more in exchange for a positive review for your store that target previous buyers. Then, for those who left a positive review, you can have ShopiRater ask them to refer the product via email using a special widget for an extra bonus/incentive to drive traffic.

Plus, this is a great way to add value, help distinguish yourself from similar stores, and build your brand and tribe right off the bat.

But, that’s just the start. You can add email automation sequences to upsell or cross promote products, add social proof and fully customize your product reviews widget, and way more.

Beside, ShopiRater can pull reviews and drive the viral traffic campaigns for not just Shopify or ecom, but any WordPress/Woocommerce based store, too which is free to set up & going to be the preferred way to open a store online since you were bought by WordPress.

That means this can work for those selling things like video services, digital products, affiliate products, and more.

Plus, if you don’t have a store yet, we a free training course that comes free that shows you step-by-step how to start a store & real brand that lasts/profits longterm.

And this has already helped take a ‘dead’ store that had no reviews or sales to one that’s making $1200 per month which you can check out on the sales page.

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We all know that eCommerce is big and it’s getting bigger…

You will see that eCOM sales in the US alone are estimated to end the year at $392 Billion in 2016 and will increase to $440 Billion in 2017…

How big of a share of that multi-billion dollars do you want? Even if you’ve never had a eStore that sold physical products either as an affiliate or droppshipper in the past, the opportunity has never been better to “Dominate” with eCommerce…

Right now, you can make money with eCommerce without having your own product inventory through the power of selling as an affiliate or dropshipping…

The doors to Easy eStore Builder are now officially open and you can get your hands on it at a Huge discount Plus get the upgraded Pro Version at no extra cost by clicking the link below now…

This plugin has everything you need to start making THOUSANDS of dollars per month with a powerful affiliate eStore and a physical product dropshipping business.

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Video Chief is one of the LARGEST Libraries of Video Marketing Resources that you’ll EVER Get Your Hands On. In version 1.0, you got access to over 600 video templates, script templates, voiceover templates and more.

In Version 2.0, we added an additional 200 d4y videos in over 10 niches you’ll be able to access. That means you got over 800 videos, scripts, voiceovers and more!

And NOW in our Green Screen Edition, we’ve listened to our customers. Our most requested add-on from our customers is to provide Green-Screen ready videos so you have full liberty to fully customize your videos however you’d like.

In this edition, you’re getting over 150+ Green Screen videos in over a dozen niches PLUS the other 1,000 video marketing templates from version 1.0 AND 2.0!

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Meme Traffic Monster is a completely new, NEVER BEFORE TAUGHT case study and step by step course showing how anyone can get traffic in ANY niche for free, using the power of MEMES.

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Today:

-MEME Traffic Monster Step by Step Videos

-MEME Traffic Monster Step by Step PDF

-MEME Traffic Monster Proven Case Study

-Customers Only Webinar

-Exclusive FB Mastermind Group

-Al-Bonus Course Free Traffic Monster

-Discover how to quickly get to $100+ per day with the Tubrr system with just a few minutes of your time each day…

-Once you get to $100+ per day, we’ll show you how to further automate this system, get paid while you sleep, and scale up to a JOB DESTROYING online income

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It is reported that almost 70% of businesses have started using videos as one of their strategic marketing channels this year, and 65% of them did not do that just one year ago. As a matter of fact, video marketing is undoubtedly becoming more and more popular, and it will sooner or later dominate the marketplace.

In addition, this flooding trend also suggests that you should pay extra attention to Facebook – the biggest social media platform. Since Facebook renews its algorithm, uploading native videos on this network allows you to expose your offers to billions of users of Facebook.

Nevertheless, a lot of digital marketers still have no idea how to utilize this social channel in the right way to get their videos more views. My Vidizi Review is ready to tell you more.

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You already know that professional graphics sell more products, but tight budgets make it difficult to afford the graphics you need.

You’ve tirelessly spent weeks or even months creating the perfect info product for your prospects and you have some super-cool reviews to go with it.

now it’s time to get selling… so are you going to just slap your product into a super ugly cover designs and hope it will sell?

Are you going to market like mad and hope your product gets noticed in among the hundreds of other competing products out there?

And speaking of competing products, let me ask you a really serious question:

Just how are you going to grab your potential prospect’s attention?

Do you seriously want to risk losing sales because of poor Cover Designs?

Of course not!

because you don’t just want a good cover you want Ecover Design which are going to blow your customers away…

After all, top-notch graphics give your prospects the confidence to buy your products…Sounds easy right?

-First impression of graphics design counts!

-Graphics must look professional or a million dollar brand.

Graphics that makes your prospects want to buy.

I present you the 100-collection of ‘Done-For-You’ eCover Design graphics that have completely taken the guesswork out of doing it yourself…

AND this will save you a TON of time and money!

The eCoverLab Bundle is JAMMED-PACKED with mouth-watering designsfor increasing your brand impact and sales conversion.
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