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Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.
Lived in Waynesville, Ohio
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Matching scholarly record sources with Mormon (LDS) family history library systems; listening to classical music, bicycling, and swimming.
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Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr. (born 1941) is a 21st century specialist in genealogical research, who focuses primarily on worldwide collective genealogy and family history.  He has been recognized in both editions of Who's Who in Genealogy & Heraldry, Marquis Who's Who in the West (1998 - 1999), and Who's Who in America, (2000 through 2004).  His research papers are deposited with the Joseph Smith Jr. Collection at the University of Utah Marriott Library and Thomas Milton Tinney Papers, at the Utah State Historical Society.  He moved to Utah as a teenager and began a personal evaluation of all record sources, investigating and memorizing published and microform locations, thereby studying every available history, family history, and genealogy collection at the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He has lived in Colorado, Texas and California, with travel and research evaluation done in every state of the contiguous United States; research elsewhere worldwide and visits to Canada and Mexico. 
Tinney, Sr. has studied the Melvyl® system since acquiring an executed License Agreement with the Regents of the University of California, 02 March 1992.  He has also maintained a listing of family history and genealogy articles, as well as written about intelligent design, and published online Theology & Science: The Bible Is Scientific.
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1. Kip Sperry, Professor of Family History, Church History and Doctrine, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, has included in his list of favorite sites. It is also included in Genealogy Resources, A Subject Tracer™ Information Blog developed and created by Internet expert, author, keynote speaker and consultant Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A. for monitoring genealogy resources and sites on the Internet. 2. Family Genealogy and History Internet Education Directory - Wiki is included in the world's largest family history library online reference site, in Directories of Genealogical Websites. There are currently (retrieved 2011-09-06) over 25,000 links to this resource, noted by the Yahoo! Site Explorer. It is presented in other library and related locations worldwide, such as BYU Portals Selected Internet Research Sites | Family History | HBLL, and notable East Chicago History Room presentation. 3. Visitors to regularly originate from the United States, India, and China (when not censored). 4. The book, Crash Course in Family History, Fourth Edition, by Paul Larsen, page 173, lists, under Best Web Directories/Portals - FREE
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Waynesville, Ohio


It all goes back to the traditional game of musical chairs a.k.a. going to Jerusalem, know all over the world; namely, teaching from primary ages to adults, that in the end, the ultimate and only "seat" of authority for the family is the Father of us all, as noted in the life and example of Jesus Christ.  Traditionally, Jewish circumcision ceremonies have a chair set aside for the use of the prophet Elijah. Passover Seder includes "opening the door for Elijah" which expresses trust in the protection of an almighty, caring, heavenly father (G-d).  I suggest, in a family setting, celebrate every April 3rd, the arrival of Elijah, in the Kirtland, Ohio temple. Actively promote the month of April as worldwide family history month.  Include on a global basis, annual youth "Hill Cumorah" style pageants near every temple ground on the globe, promoting family history, as well as the birth of Christ and the restoration of His Church (April 6th); followed by Easter.  Integrate this with all media outlet connections, through movies, Internet, digital, or other audio and visual recordings, within campus facilities related to Brigham Young University, other related institutes of religion, seminaries, and supporting genealogical and family history organizations.  Create Elijah presentations of the quality in the music of composer Felix Mendelssohn.  Produce teen video games for international distribution, that truly reflect the life and times of a former prophet, holding the sealing keys of the priesthood, whose activities exceed those of current fictional super heroes; a true living "superman".  Coordinate these activities by the perpetual establishment of the "Chair of Elijah" at BYU, reserved rightfully for worthy patriarchal descendants (formerly, all properly sustained as presiding church patriarchs, having general authority status; the ecclesiastical title of: prophet, seer and revelator) of the martyr Hyrum Smith.  Teach the Bible from the standpoint of a living record, containing memories of our real fathers, mothers and distant relatives; soon to be reconnected together again with us, genealogically studied and evaluated by Joseph Smith, Jr., and other early church leaders, as so carefully noted in the Lectures On Faith (formerly officially part of the Doctrine & Covenants).  Present Book of Remembrance entries (for FamilySearch, Family Tree Temple Ordinance submission), by the local church congregation, to every family at the time they have a new member baptized or have any children blessed.  Promote family Books of Remembrance, on a worldwide interfaith basis, for all established congregational units.
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(1) UPDATED: The Lord JESUS CHRIST, Jews, The House of Joseph, Gentiles and Heathens: Careful study of the TINNEY SURNAME
from worldwide origins. Introduction

"The mind or the intelligence which man possesses is co-equal with God himself." Therefore, to think is a manifestation of godliness. Purely human, inculcates the immortality of the spirit of man, which comprehends God himself as a self-existent being, the great "I Am that I Am". It is one of the most famous Bible verses, given to Moses by God; by the great Jehovah, even Jesus the Christ, who testified: "Before Abraham was, I am." Indeed, the great gods Ahman and YHWH (Son Ahman), together made man out of the earth and put into him Adam's spirit, and so became a living body. "The intelligence of spirits had not beginning, neither will it have an end. That is good logic." In other words, every human, every man, woman, or even little children can speak, can say this great truth: "I think, therefore I AM." [The Latin phrase cogito ergo sum [a] (/ˈkoʊɡɨtoʊ ˈɜrɡoʊ ˈsʌm/, also /ˈkɒɡɨtoʊ/, [b] "I think, therefore I am") is a philosophical proposition by René Descartes. The simple meaning is that thinking about one’s existence proves—in and of itself—that an "I" exists to do the thinking. This proposition became a fundamental element of Western philosophy, as it was perceived to form a foundation for all knowledge. While other knowledge could be a figment of imagination, deception or mistake, the very act of doubting one's own existence arguably serves as proof of the reality of one's own existence, or at least of one's thought.]

(2) UPDATED: World Ancestry - Roots In Antiquity:
Ancient To Modern Genealogy and Family History

Ancient origins of genealogy and family history records, as traced down to modern times, from all available concurrent documented findings, in both religious scriptures and related secular records. There was a Book of Remembrance kept by Adam & Eve and their descendants. Our Bible (s) are indeed a purely human invention; that is, it was initiated by Ahman, a God who once was a man as we are now. Yes, the Bible is indeed of purely human, yet godly invention; given, beginning with the first earthly man Adam, from God by revelation. Then, it was kept by his posterity, the long living ancient fathers, to their human children; from which all mankind today descends, through Noah, a global flood survivor.
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DATABASES: The Digital Universe in 2020: Big Data, Bigger Digital Shadows, and Biggest Growth in the Far East - United States
No country, no region, no company can halt the expansion of the digital universe.
* Database Nation - Reason Magazine
  The Upside of "zero privacy".
* Digital Databases: Education Publications & Books Online
* Digital Librarian: Electronic Texts and Primary Sources
* Google™ Public Data Explorer
* International Commission for Historical Demography: ICHD Links
  Study of the history of population and of human society in general.
  - ICHD Questionnaires Longitudinal Databases
* International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC): Members
  - DPE - Digital Preservation Europe: Project Partners
    - DPE: List of Competence Centres
  - National Digital Stewardship Alliance - Digital Preservation
    - Digital Preservation (Library of Congress): Partners
      - Personal Digital Archiving | Digital Preservation
  - PADI - Preserving Access to Digital Information: Org & Websites
    Gateway to international digital preservation resources
    and to ICADS (IFLA-CDNL Alliance for Digital Strategies).
* Internet Archive: (About IA) Internet Archive Wayback Machine
  Worldwide DBs, history, preservation: online Internet archives.
  Internet library offering permanent access for researchers, . . .
  and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format.
  - Audio Archive
  - Ebook & Text Archive
  - Moving Image Archive
  - Projects
    - Open Educational Resources
    - Open Library
    - Software Archive
  - TV News
* Memory of the World
* Online Database: Data Links
  - DCMI Projects
  - Dialog, LLC | ProQuest: Database List (archived)
    - Dialog Online Documentation: All Databases: OneSearch Groups
    - ProQuest Dialog ProSheets
  - Institutional Repository: List of Repositories
    - List of Archives
    - List of Libraries
    - Ranking Web of Repositories: Top Portals
  - List of Academic Databases & Search Engines
  - List of Online Databases
  - Universitetet i Tromsø: The Norwegian Historical Data Centre
    - Historical Microdata around the World
  - Vienna Database on European Family History
. . .
[Global Genealogy & Family History Research Library Guide]
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Ancestor Roots Information: A to Z Country Webliography Index -
OneSource Genealogy and Family History Searchable Databases

UPDATED: 23 September 2013
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Regional Genealogy and Local History Research:
Local History and Genealogy Portals to the World.

UPDATED 17 July 2013
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UPDATED: OneSource Comprehensive Directory Index
Alphabetical Index: A to Z for the Family Genealogy
and History Internet Education Directory- Wiki, with
Instructions for use of Country - Nation Area Index:
A to Z at Ancestor Roots Information.


Evaluation format for sample country is duplicated
for every other world country. Every national site
in the world, with information related to their civil
records, culture, genealogy, libraries, museums,
printed - country family history outlines, country
studies groups, individual identity information,
indigenous peoples, etc., is now online here.*
The horizontal use of internal links combines
all major area data sources together without
the necessity to vertically return back to the
top of the pages for connective research.

SPECIAL NOTATION: (7) Seventh country sub set
series of entries includes [Definition / GenWeb]: provides locality definitions, with
direct access links to Britannica Concise Encyclopedia;
scholarly articles in / key genealogy links.
All Wikipedia articles can now be compared and evaluated
directly with all published articles in Encyclopaedia Britannica,
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UPDATED: (Future and Current Information)
Archives and Knowledge Management:
Scholarly online resource evidence and records
for use by genealogists & family historians.
Archive Sources & Library References
Business & Economics: World Business - Economics
Geography & Maps: Gazetteer
Governments - National & Local
Legal: Court Information & Records
Military Worldwide: Regional Wars & History - Time P
Pedigree & Lineage: Social Networking [Family Trees]
Personal Web Sites: Worldwide Oral History
Religion & Culture: Cultural Heritage - Institutions
Research & Learning: Ask - Sources & Experts
Surnames & Names: Family - IGI - Onomastics
Web Pages for Scholarly Societies: Learned Society
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Academic Education Learning Resources: Educators
Provides quality education and learning resources for educators, faculty, staff, teachers, students, parents and research specialists.

Academic Globalization of "Genealogy Method"   --   CURRENT  USE  DEFINITION of "genealogy method": Method of investigative scholarship to establish valid generational relationships connecting any specialty, as used within or between all fields of knowledge.      JUSTIFICATION:  Genealogy Method procedures that discover and record connections of kinship, descent and marriage, can also be used to establish accurate understanding, for related knowledge system properties, using diagrams, symbols and scholarly analysis.

An academic usage of "Genealogy Method" in real time, within fields of research, vindicates the truthfulness of conclusions, as shown by historical comparison.  Thus, "genealogy method", or "genealogical perspective"; is, a scientific method of looking to the past, by using a "reverse" process of economic projection methodology.

> "The key technical problem in much of economic analysis is the determination of some unknown function." <

"These constructions rely on Taylor's theorem, the implicit function theorem, and bifurcation theory, and lead to the construction of Taylor or Padé series, or other approximations of a simple form."  KEY "These methods are called perturbation, or asymptotic methods.  The basic idea of asymptotic methods is to formulate a general problem, find a particular case which has a known solution, and then use that particular case and its solution (i.e., Genealogy Method: present events extrapolated back in time) as a starting point for computing approximate solutions to 'nearby' (historical) problems.  These methods are widely used in mathematical physics, particularly in quantum mechanics and general relativity theory,
with much success." . . . "We take the view that in the future such theoretical analyses will be done by computer software, and is an interesting new avenue of computational economics."
References: Grounded Theory Online -
Numerical Methods in Economics
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Schools - Colleges - Universities: Alumni and Genealogy Education
Worldwide comprehensive resource of educational institutions,
their genealogy & family history data, past & present students,
alumni, associations, faculty, friends and military personnel.

This sub section web page is currently being updated for quality assurance of all link sites and sources. Please email us and report any not found, broken, changed, inappropriate, misdirected, new, outdated or undiscovered pertinent genealogy and family history links. New formats allow continued easy, simple source access.
Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.'s profile photo
Every location begins with specific country: example, ITALY (internal link) return, followed by Universities: Rankings and Academic Institutions Directory. Additional entries provide connections to education institution related resources, taken from the top 500 + ranked universities (and their sub links) worldwide.  Each country area section concludes with concise, single line linear listings of: Zip - BOOKS (BYU) Genealogy: Education in Italy - Directory: Information & Search.

Begin comprehensive worldwide selection search of family history, genealogy and local history publications at Zip - BOOKS. Investigate Brigham Young University Family History Library and related global links, approved at (BYU). These resources are followed by local country Genealogy sites, with Education organizations or links in Italy (providing connections from Best of the Web). This is reinforced next by dmoz open Directory project, followed by University of Colorado Boulder online Information about the selected countries, from governmental and nongovernmental sources. Finally, & Search is an in place identified country web search, provided by Google™.
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What's New in Genealogy & Family History Resources?
Newest information, news and current issues about the genealogy and family history community: conferences, transactions, personal activities, research, publications,
social interactions (Facebook®) and contacts with
supporting institutions and public leaders.

Facebook and Country / Regional Resources
[Remembering: Family History and Genealogy]
Facebook has one billion+ users around the world and
is establishing its leadership in 127 out of 137 countries.
RESEARCH NOTE: Combines all know Facebook family
history and genealogy links, with current Bing searches;
additionally, includes most "liked" country specific Facebook
sites that promote positive family society and cultural values.
  Genealogy: New Web Sites - Social Network
  * Join A Facebook® Research Community [Log In To View]:
    + North America: (Canada - United States)
    + Middle America: (Mexico)
    + Caribbean - Central America
    + Latin American | Hispanic - Latino
    + South America
    + Europe: (Central & North-West - Eastern - Southern - Western)
    + Asia - Central Asia - Middle East
    + Australasia & Oceania (Australia - New Zealand)
       - Pacific Ocean
    + Africa - North Africa - South Africa
    + Antarctica To Arctic & Atlantic Ocean Islands
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The Cutting Edge Resource for all research specialists.

I would suggest linking to:

Now The Cutting Edge Resource for all research specialists.
Ongoing information is being included from WorldCat,
ProQuest, ERIC, The Institute of Historical Research,
American Historical Association, etc. You can't go wrong
with this scholarly information. It is worldwide
in scope; comprehensive and in depth coverage of
pertinent genealogy and family history subjects of interest.
[Titles listed alphabetically by year -
From Future Years In Progress Back To A.D. 400 Search]
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