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Allan Yasser “Allan” Abdula
Smart. Proactive. Result Oriented.
Smart. Proactive. Result Oriented.

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MOVIE REVIEW | Fate of the Furious (Fast and the Furious 8)
Fate of the Furious (Fast and the Furious 8) Rating: 9 / 10  So I'm not really a fan of "Fast and the Furious" and to be honest, I have yet to see all the seven movies; and when my friend told me we've got free passes for the FF8, I said why not. One of the...

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ARTICLE | What Makes One Leave His Job Behind?
How do you really answer the question- why would you like to move out of your current company? I was conducting earlier my scheduled Skype interviews and there was the recurring question of why one wants to jump from one company to another. One common answe...

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MOVIE | Aftermath (2017)
Aftermath (2017) Rating: 6 / 10  « « « « « « After a long time, Arnold Schwarzenegger has starred in a drama film about a man who lost his wife and daughter from a midair collision. Loosely based on real events that took place in Germany. Okay, so here's th...

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EVENT | Fiesta Latina at Dolphin Village - 21 April 2017, Friday (RSVP)
Sharing the upcoming event at Dolphin Village- 'Fiesta Lunch' which features salsa performances, DJ and buffet.  It is an RSVP event, and tickets are available for 10RO per person Contact Maureen at +968 92599340 Dolphin Village Is a cozy place this side of...

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SPORTS | La Liga, Barcelona vs. Sevilla (3-0)
Am I a soccer fan? Absolutely not. But tonight, as I witness Sevilla getting squashed by Barcelona during La Liga, one goal after another- I thought to myself, 'how far should we pound others to feel better about ourselves'.  Time check, and it's 60 minutes...

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TRAVEL | Euro Trip 2017, The Backpacking Adventure
The European Sojourn 2017 Here's a rough draft of the itinerary. Germany - Munich Italy - Venice / Rome France - Paris Monaco Portugal - Porto Spain - Barcelona / Mallorca ( Note. 16th Sept ) Germany - Munich ( Note. Octoberfest ) So, with that being mentio...

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PROMOTION | Trader Vic's Promos for April 2017
For the whole month of April 2017, here's some insider promotions that you need to check out especially if you're a regular in the joint. Trader Vic's Muscat, Oman Mai Tai hour, 40% off from 17.00 - 19.00 hrs on standard beverages Thai food promotion starti...

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DANCE | Rueda De Casino Multi Flashmob - Muscat, Oman 2017 (Video)
Just hot off the press- our recent Rueda De Casino flashmob held at a local mall. Okay, so if by this time you are still wondering what on Earth is 'Rueda De Casino' well suffice to say that it is a form of salsa dance but done in a circle. That's it. And w...

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DANCE | 2017 International Rueda De Casino Multi Flashmob
As usual, the annual Rueda De Casino flashmob is happening today April 1st at 4pm (local time) in every major cities across the globe.  If you want to check out the other rueda de casino flashmobs in other countries, you can visit the site: International Ru...

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TRAVEL | Backpacking In The Philippines
Whoa, it's been ages since I have posted anything on my blog. Sorry for the long hiatus. This winter is seriously taking a toll on me (nah, just lame excuses). I'm currently stationed in the Middle East and being the tropical person that I am, it's not easy...
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