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'Its Better with Adrian'™

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Little Stab-y With the Choclate Cake
I don't often pick on the Wife when I blog... I may point out some of the things my children do which I find funny and humorious... But not the Wife. Because, well, because I'm not an idiot! That's why. Buuuuuut,
she is VERY far away right now, on the othe...

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Sometimes, the problem isn't the problem. It's really, just a reaction to the real problem... which is the problem causing the problem... probably.

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Really, THAT'S what's making you Upset?!
As many of you guys may know, the Wife and 4 little people who live in my place and eat my food, are currently in Canada.  This leaves me, and Mr D at home in China taking care of some other stuff... like, oh, I donno, moving apartments. Moving is stressful...

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But, I don't want to go back!
The Wife and 4 of our kiddos have recently traveled back to Canada for a vacat... work.  They traveled back for work.  Lets be honest here, anyone serving in a foreign country knows that when they return home, it is never for a "vacation". Mr. Snuggles and ...

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That's Not Helping
The other day the Wife decided that BigD needed a haircut.  So me and BigD wandered down to the local fancy hair cutting place and got BigD's hair washed and cut.  While he was off in the back of the shop having his hair washed, I could hear quite the commo...

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The Hardest Thing
I guess it's been about... oh, I donno, 2 years since I've blogged... so I figured I should start again.  So here is the thing... life's been pretty hard lately.  I mean, the two adoptions , leaving my job , moving the family to China and starting to server...

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Test Blog - Delete Me Later
Nothing to see here... move along citizen.

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News Letter Reminder
Just a heads up that our Monthly News Letter has recently been emailed to all the people who had signed up.  Although this month's News Letter has already passed, you still have a chance to sign up for the next one!  All you need to do, is head on over to o...

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Death Trap Water Park
As mentioned in the previous blog, me and Mr Snuggles spent the day at a local water park.  I shall henceforth refer to this water park as "Death Trap Water Park * !" Entering the Death Trap Water Park Oh sure, it looks nice and inviting... Little do people...

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Managing my Child
So far, this summer with Mr Snuggles, he has: bitten a kid in school gotten into a fist fight in Sunday School hit me punched me kicked me said he doesn't want me ... and that was just in 1 week Some days are good, some days... well... you know, some days a...
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