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Just a typical Aquarius.
Just a typical Aquarius.

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I dispute this claim.....I believe the biggest were possibly involved in #911
Don't some researching to see if it is or was at all possible.

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The Boeing 777 along with other Boeing models, can in fact be flown remotely through the use of independent embedded software and satellite communication. Once this advanced system is engaged, it can disallow any pilot or potential hijacker from controlling a plane, as the rooted setup uses digital signals that communicate with air traffic control, satellite links, as well as other government entities for the remainder of a flight’s journey.

A man in a cave orchestrated and masterminded such an event from a laptop?
Or was ot organisations closer to home to push their agenda....
Or both?

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That which I have faith in doesn't approve.

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I think it's time to stop this you. 

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Riding on an #Elephants back annoys me.....
It's like admiring a Ferrari while sat on the roof.

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How about we focus on homing everyone on #Earth before spending....sorry wasting millions on #space ventures when the answer to all of that lies here with us.

As if any Joe Bloggs is gonna get to visit.
What this is is simply fill the people with absolute crap take their money and use them to build for the upper or should I say 1%
Even the upper class aren't gonna get a look in.

It angers me so much when we today, given what we as a species are allowed to achive and create that some are too busy planning space ventures and planning things like #moonbases. ...yet on the #planet we are on now there is:-

Displacement of people created by #wars and #conflicts (which actually to me is bordering on ethnic cleansing but for #political reasons it's called terrorism) then when they seek safety in neighbouring #nations it seems a very carefully calculated part of the plan to create tensions between the nation and those seeking refuge....which in turn leads to more chaos which generates further income and more laws imposed and more rights taken away.

We have #cLIEmatechange ....which basically boils down to the fact that #trees take in #carbon and produce #oxygen and when u start cutting more trees down yet still #manufacture and produce goods that emit carbon then the balance loses #equilibrium. .....basically we are producing more carbon than the amount of trees can cope with.....#HEMP could solve this.
Also people may want to consider the #OceanConveyorBelt and how it drives climate and's clogged with #rubbish and mainly #plastic...what happens to #arteries of the #heart when clogged? it is unable to bring #nutrients minerals and oxygen to where it needs.... for your moon base?
I hope it never happens until we put all the shit right that we have created here first.
Heaven forbid we are allowed to do the same to another planet as we have done here on Earth.


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AMIENS, #France (Reuters) - France and #Britain planned on Thursday to announce a 1.5 billion pound project to build a next-generation #drone prototype as the two allies seek to increase security and military ties at a time of conflict in #Syria and #Libya.

Seems quite ridiculous how they are willing to spend £1.5 Billion on a project to build next generation drones.....
The #soldiers #militarypersonel are paid less than a subway driver.....

Also this £1.5billion I can think of many other things it could be better spent on and none of them involve destruction or wars nor and negative impact on life.

Education, NHS, Housing, solving many problems that seem to be so unreachable because of cost.

Then we have the children fighting #neuroblastoma #DavidCameron surely £1.5 billion would be better spent on saving these kids lives since some arsehole has decided to add a £500k pricetag in return for treatment.
Which actually in my humble opinion beggars belief because the way I see it is this....

A #child is #diagnosed with #neuroblastoma which is an aggressive form of #cancer yet n order to #help #cure or ease the #symptoms someone is offering #treatment but first the #parents and #families must first raise #£500k

That to me seems like someone putting a pricetag on lives.

This is wrong....

A Gunman.....A Gunman.....yet if this gunman was a muslim....the headline would be terrorist.

Do you see what I am pointing at here!?
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