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If she knowingly done so then yeah she should pay it back. If she didn't then she should still pay it back at a rwalistic rate that won't cause financial hardship.
This countries government already seems to be hell bent on sacrificing livelyhoods and the importance of families and communities as it is, never mind adding to it.

In all honesty I posted a post elsewhere saying that if the world is in trillions of £'s and $'s of debt, then who are we in debt to? Who is this who has the world kept in debt whereas if it was me and my decision could effectively change the world and way of life for the better for all?

You just know you would too.

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I'm replying to the headline here.....

Say most voters?...
I would like to ask the government who are these 'most voters' that do these polls that lead and decide so many things?.

I can't say I have taken part or even been asked to take part in any of these. Funny thing is neither has anyone I know....

Are these polls all fabricated, so it's easier to pass and swallow?
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It's about time someone did.
The US seem quite eager to be involved in conflict, any type as long as they can get involved. Iraq, Libya, Syria (almost), Afghanistan, and the others but the most recent what I seem to think as Crimea but Putin put all hope of any outside involvement to an end when he mobilised his troops and put them in Crimea. By doing this he avoided what has happened through the other nations.

Forgive me if I am wrong here because we have two sides to this possibly even three.
The first side is what we are told and shown to believe via media. Most of what you know is third hand. ( bible, you will see and hear of many. ....? Did it say with your own eyes witnessed first hand or does it mean via media news outlets?)

If Putin was a war monger and wanted to cause crap then he would have just waltzed in and took Crimea. It's as simple as that, but the fact that he didn't says so much.

By Putin doing what he did he stopped any looting, rioting and anything else starting.
There are some who were hoping that it would all escalate and get involved. If that was to follow the path of the others also Egypt. Seems they are the aame people who want it all started so the money can start rolling in.
The US seems to be in my opinion the one that is the common denominator in all of these conflicts.

Hasty to get involved. It wouldn't suprise me in the slightest if there is a create a spark or plant a seed type plan, to create what is necessary to destabilise a country in any way possible, either through politics, colour, class, religion, gender, or what ever other method they use to create divisions.

I would also like to point out while I am at it to Mr David Cameron that our Military is not his personal Army.

They serve Queen and Country. The country just not only applies to the land but they are effectively our protectors.
Protectors from the enemies that I actually feel like our leaders are creating.

Mr Cameron the Prime Minister the leader that stands for the minutes silence in rememberance for those who sacrificed their lives for us. Us all. This wasn't serving solely for the benefit of a specific colour or religious group. It was for all of us.
Yet while remembering the fallen how many actually stand in that longest minute imagining their loved ones, telling parebts their child or children waere dead, they had been killed in action. The loss,......lives on all sides destroyed entire families and communities too.

Yet today we have moved on.
We have new enemies and new technology. Technology obtained and created through the spending of massive amounts of money, money which would be interesting to try and fathom where all the money has come from though that has funded this but. .........
All of this focus on conflict, wars and destruction?
Wtf you on Cameron?
It's no wonder Putin is saying take up yoga and chill out.

We are not the US' s lapdog. Don't do another Tony Blair where Bush says jump and Blair says how high.

These men and women ye send to wars are the loved ones of families and communities back here.
The reason that I bring this up is because the wars and conflicts you send our military to, that would be the men and women of those serving Queen and Country sacrificing their lives on a war that I believe is dressed up as a war against terror.
This war against terrorism? you not mean a war dressed up as anti terrorism when really it's not only about oil and energy but a means to generate a recovery in a slumping industry and to also manipulate stock market prices and also alter the entire financial system.

There are those who profit from these wars even as they continue. Contracts and trade continue and money still generated.

The thing that gets me narky is this,
Those that continue to send, don't ever sacrifice anything apart drom the lives of others.
Does Mr Cameron look to be devastated at the news of a single loss of life from these conflicts? No. They're all just a number to him and the rest sending.

It doesn't matter which side you're on. Theyre all doing it.
Those sending do not actively participate.

These leaders who are so eager for it? about you go first.

The British Army isn't your personal Army Mr Cameron you really need to understand that.

I think many would agree with me when I say the British Armed Forced don't always have to use weapons to win a war.
The battle we should be fighting isn't with each other.
The war is of a global recovery effort. The military are skilled enough to put their skills together to good use.

I personally want them all home, or even let them have a choice.
As for Defence spending Mr Cameron, I'd like to ask if Manchester United was to buy a defender they wouldn't play him in a strikers position really, nor would thwy train the opposing team and let them know tactics so to speak would they?

Personally I dont trust those that are sending as I feel they don't give a shit about those they send.
I say this with proof and when I say proof I meam proof.

The proof.....
Soldiers should be paid their worth. Risking their lives when footballers get what they do is an absolute piss take. Our soldiers are paid a pitence considering that in a split second they may be gone. Gone. That thump in your chest is the moment you realise the ripple that it just created. The loss. That might be someone's mam or dad, brother, sister, son or daughter and you Mr Cameron and those prior to you don't give a shit. Nothing to you.
A quick 2minute mention on the news. Family left ruined. Money can't replace what thry have lost but if I were you Mr Cameron I would show my gratitude by making sure they all want for nothing.
I'm not saying porches and lambourghi s I'm saying their mortgages paid off, cars, education, counselling and support.

Those who have lost limbs, or have been left severely injured and disabled show them the support by supplying what they need freely. I dont know how the governmemt dares.

I would like all military service personel to have councillors that will support them.

When these men and women joined the armed forces they attend basic training. The army changes them from a civilian to a soldier.
You must remember to help them back when they leave.

Pays and pensions should reflect what they do and what they sacrifice for us all, it doesnt really matter which military you serve.
For those of you who are sending these men and women basing this all on a war against terror and if it really is about gold, financial system, stock markets or generating a revenue while deceiving those that you send, sending under false pretences, you will be rumbled.
I'm still waiting for these wmd's Tony Blair declared were there but never showed up.
Many lives lost Mr Blair.......

If the wars really are for the benefit of us all then hey its up to the Supreme Being aka God to decide what the score is there.

Just thought I'd point that out.

(At mo point in the above I to seem ungrateful for those who are serving, have served or lost. It's actually because I care)
It bothers me that our military also have to pay their own life insurance and also buy their own kit.
Defence spending spent on what??????

What's more valuable the person serving or the vehicle they use?
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Lee Dobson

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In God I Trust and may the truth be revealed and those who orchestrated this be brought to account by God himself.
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Lee Dobson

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It's not only the mafia though is it Pope Francis.
He's coming. He's already here, watching and waiting for the specific time that only he knows.
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I have just watched a program on TV about Hercules the bear and would like to say what a fantastic story.

The whole story and what an inspiration Andy and Maggie Robin are.
You have proved with no doubt what mam can achieve with love. Absolutely fantastic.
And thanks. 
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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And who is the author of this may I ask? 
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So, that said I am going to share what I believe significant regarding cancer. Now I don't know if what I am about to say is fact or already common knowledge and I'm the last to know or I may actually have a convincing take on things and hope that you can help prove I may be right. 

I am going to inform you all........right now........that this reply is probably going to lose you off, go off topic and sound ridiculous. If so I would skip this reply and spare me the replies giving me grief and ruining this thread. 

What if cancer is easily cured? Maybe it's not particularly the curing but realising the cause. We all know what they have already declared as the causes but what if...... 

What if cancer is an excess of a hormone? 
Testosterone or Estrogen. 
Hence why testicular cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer occur where they do. 

Now I read somewhere recently that made me think that maybe cancer can be easily cured , if what I say above is true. 

An excess, with nowhere to go other than to be leaked in a sense to the area of hormone production or influence. 

I also believe that contraception may indeed be a cause particularly in women for cervical and ovarian and breast cancer. Now before you all fly off on one and brand me a scare monger I'm sharing because I am bothered. Not only for the risk of cancer but also a struggle to conceive. I say this because I see a few connections that hopefully you will all consider and at least help me try and figure out if its a possibility or not. 
If it is, great lets sort it and share lnowledge. 
If it isn't well lets move along. 

Women are prescribed the pill, the implant, the 'copper' coil and also the coil with added hormone, contraceptive injection. How many of these contain testosterone or something that is going to alter the hormonal balance of that woman? 

Why take the pill? 
My argument is that women should rather learn their menstrual cycle. These contraceptives have way way too many side effects when it could "possibly" be avoided. 

Women knowing their menstrual cycle can easily avoid pregnancy. If the sperm tips up to the party and there's no egg there then the spark can't happen, the spark doesn't happen no life begins. 
Its impossible to fall pregnant without both sperm and egg. 

Remember that painting with God touching fingers with adam I think it is.......the spark. 
The moment when life is created. That is my interpretation of that painting. 

I think that we really need to consider the side effects of contraception particularly women's. 
Maybe not even solely regarding the manipulation of a hormonal balance but an excess to a point where women start piling on weight ( obvious result of testosterone) not only that but many women suffer an embarrassing side effect of hair excess especially facial hair. 

Now foods that contain antiandrogens lower testosterone levels which can actually help with this and in some cases given the fact that if you significantly reduce the testosterone levels that embarrassing illness can be cured. Easily. 

I am now goint to go and rack my brain to figure out exactly what I was reading regarding 3 things that were what I believe to cure or should I say get rid of cancer. (If what I am saying is true that cancer of the reproductive system in men and women is solely based on an exess of a particular hormone) 

I doubt chemotherapy is any good at all but that's only my opinion. I see it as non selective and attacks all cells including healthy ones. 

I also happen to think that balance is key and is rhe answer to moat of them. 

Sunlight- Darkness 
It's not so common knowledge that sunlight via skin absorption increases and boosts the immune system. 
However we decide to start plastering ourselves and our kids in suncreams and sun blocks which on my opinion stops the 'important' revitalising, immune system boosting rays in. Its like hospital wards and residential care homes. GET THEM IN THE SUN AND FRESH AIR. 
It's the lack of natural sunlight that is part and parcel of it. 

We regenerate, and recharge and all sorts of things are going on while we are sleeping and resting. Melatonin and seratonin are just two things at play as well as general recovery. Nightshift workers work night and sleep most days. I would like to know if there is a connection to this and what we speak of. 

Sugar-Salt (diabetic cure? Salt) 
More and more of our foods and drinks we consume are higher in sugar content yet we are also told to eat less salt.?. 
Is it a case for balance? I believe so. Salt kills bacteria hence why we put it on cuts....wey I do when I cut myself to clean it. Does salt clean us inside too like I think it does but an excess upsets the balance. 

Body pH 
This one is self explanatory really drinking or eating loads of things with a particular acidic or alkaline content would not only I assume effect us but also be a spark for a reaction that may indeed lead to some of the above. Im sure a pH testing kit and peeing on it would indicate where we stand. I think drinking lots of 'carbonated'soft drinks or coffee would make a difference, would you agree? as does glucose and even the reason why a pregnancy test kit would be positive. 

Healthy diet exercise. 
You really are what you eat. Eat of the earth, food provided of the earth. Balance. Eating massive amounts of processed crap will clog you. 
Think of a sink and the pipework in particular. Gradually over time the lining on the walls gradually become coated in a residue. This would in my opinion would possibly start a domino effect or butterfly effect as we know it. 

Narrower arteries, veins and even carbon build up on what would require a 'charge' would create a resistance. A resistor in electronics or a resistor regarding water? The more resistance the harder it is to move. Heart being the main one in mind. It's more chance to stick to the walls the thicker it is so if we hydrate ourselves correctly in the correct amounts and with the correct thing thats in abundance and should be freely available to all everywhere. 
A God given gift. 
Hydration in my opinion aids organ function, boosts health, hydrating the blood making it easier to transfer nutrients and also oxygen. (I'm writing this thinking I should maybe practice what I preach;-) ) 
Behaviour in children. When they start working themselves either naughty tantrums and paddys give them a drink of water. Try the britafiltered. 

The neurological disorders are what I believe to be broken or strained.pathways. 
Copper, water and Gold are all good conductors. E175 is gold in food. I also have an incline to think that GABA would benefit massively to those with these symptoms as it is a neurotransmitter. 
Copper deficiency? Iron deficiency? Vitamin D deficiency? 
Research it I'm not talking crap. 

When it was written about exess and greed who said it was solely money? 

It's all hidden in the biblical text. ( remind me later about that and I will show you or explain what I see......hopefully.) 

Balance really is the Key as is not forgetting the basics. 

Now, sorry if I have bored you and I will leave it at that unless you want me to write another novel. At the minute though my wife is getting slowly annoyed at me ignoring her lol so.... 

Thanks for reading.

I genuinely hope that none of you are offended upon reading this. If you are, that wasnt my intention. 
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